Mar 21 2018
LaLD car week 2018; day 4.

I have to repost another custom for day four of LaLD car week. This is the BMW E30 M3 wagon. Shown with the original

May 20 2017
HAWL: No Teasing Edition

No teasers for me. Just Tomica Limited Vintage goodness. These two came out last month or thereabouts and are

Jun 1 2016

One of my friends is already complaining about a $150/month payment. Should’ve listened to me when I said pay cash...

Mar 20 2016
Diorama Update

For some reason the idea for a diecast diorama set in the Alps wouldn’t leave my head, so I plunged in a few weeks

Mar 2 2016

I just zoomed in, the kid is Trafalgar D. Water Law, as a kid. He’s captain of the Heart Pirates, a former Shichibukai, and a devil fruit user. Read more

Mar 2 2016

Poor lady! She tripped and fell and spilt all her strawberry jam! Such a waste!

Feb 22 2016
Diorama done for now

This is technically a photo backdrop rather than a diorama, but what the heck. I have a handful of diecast BMW race