Just because schools reopen doesn’t mean parents are dumb enough to send their kids there, yet. As always, betty can fuck right off! Read more

Big Boy is too stupid to figure this out. But just because you don’t test someone for coronavirus doesn’t mean they don’t have it.  It just means you don’t know if they have it.   Read more

#DefundThePolice #DisarmThePolice #BanPoliceUnions #BlackLivesMatter  Read more

If I wanted to watch someone lie to me every day, I’d just watch Fox Spew. Read more

Ban police unions. Their only purpose is to make sure cops who murder continue to be cops. Read more

You should see "The Matrix" because it's a sci-fi classic. Read more

Remember when the DNC rigged the 2016 primary so a corporate democrat could lose to a rodeo clown? Fast forward to the 2020 Democratic primary. We’ve seen this movie before. It does not end well. Joe Biden Will Lose to Big Boy. #BernieSanders2020 #JusticeDemocrats Read more

They can call themselves whatever they want. But for me they will always be called by their original name: survivalists. They were right-wing lunatics back in the 80's.  And still are today. Read more

The thing I remember from Matthews’ show was that he really loved the sound of his own voice: he constantly interrupted his guests. Read more

The ladies in my department don’t normally wear makeup & I don't think they need it.  Occasionally they'll wear makeup & it's very noticeable. Read more

I don’t see how the rich donors funding these right-wing lunatic protesters will profit from dead workers? Read more

If corporate democrats were actually interested in taking back the white house this november, Bernie Sanders would be the nominee. Read more

What if a corporate democrat with a lot of baggage was the democratic presidential nominee?  How would that turn out?  We've seen this movie before.  It does not end well. Read more

No one will miss you, Winecave Pete.  Read more

Warren’s campaign started to lose steam after she backtracked on Medicare For All. She pretended to be a progressive up until that point. Inexplicably playing the gender card at a subsequent debate & falsely accusing Bernie Sanders of being sexist did not endear her to actual progressives, either. Read more

Bloomberg wants to keep his tax cuts. It’s not complicated. Read more

Big Boy couldn't have picked a less deserving recipient of the medal of honor than professional right-wing crybaby & putrid bag of wind Rush Limbaugh.  Karma's biting him in his fat ass. Read more

Every time Barr opens his mouth, he proves just why he shouldn't be our AG. Read more

Apparently the America First group consists of Nazis who love Big Boy. If they were allowed to ask questions, that fact would be abundantly clear to non-lunatics watching the event. Read more