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Sep 24 2016

Since the person I responded to dismissed the comment, let me also say this in response to anyone who wants to make jokes or comments about how “shitty” the mall is (keeping in mind PEOPLE DIED WHY THE FUCK DOES YOUR OLD ASS IMPRESSION OF THE MALL MATTER): Read more

Sep 24 2016

It was also the only mall a lot of us had relatively easy access to, especially those who lived in very rural parts of the state. It being “shitty” really doesn’t matter here, so stuff it.

Jun 30 2016

Attorney with family law experience, here.

1. A custody case lasting 7 years is absolutely insane and not normal.

2. “When parents turn to courts to decide their dispute for them, they lose control, including over possible compromises,” says Emery. “They also expect vindication, but rarely find it. I cannot understand Read more

Jun 30 2016

Old Golf Pro: “Wow! What’s your handicap?”
Girl: [gestures towards her parents]

May 28 2016

Since we don’t permit flouncing, I’ll save you the bother of coming up with “something better” and de-author you now. I’m not sure what “heyday” of GT you’re recalling, but if it was an era when you could make wildly sweeping racist statements and not be reprimanded, then frankly I’m glad those days are in the past.

May 26 2016

Sorry if I have to be “that guy” but what I just watched is disgusting and never would have happened in the old days. It’s just not right and has no place in baseball. Read more

Apr 1 2016

In honor ofBaby FluterDog’s recent clearance to be a dog in public! This was her first trip to Mom’s job.

Dec 12 2015

There was one problem. There is no way a Chiefs fan would team up with an Americans player even if it was the apocalypse. Death before dishonour!

Dec 11 2015

Yunnock* is a swell gamer and great bronze player. I appreciated that when he has questions about a game’s community, he goes and asks that community. He wanted to get inside info from the people that loved the #Content the most and I think that matters more than others realize. I think one of the reasons a lot of Read more