John Small Berries
Mar 22

Just because it isn’t in DSM-5 doesn’t mean it wasn’t in earlier versions or that nobody is trying to get it included again. Even if you go to calling it a “control disorder” it’s not like it doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem that people face and just calling it “mental distress” at the end pretty well devalues anyone Read more

Mar 17

Most candy eaten without succumbing to diabetus like my father and his father before him would be an acceptable record. 

Mar 11

Yeah, he comes across like a total D-nozzle, but he’s actually a nice guy that seems to genuinely love what he does if you watch his shows.

Mar 7

White vinegar is just an acid. Nothing special, in most cases you could use hydrochloric acid instead for a much stronger effect. Read more

Feb 17

You’ve had a chest freezer to be trapped in all this time and didn’t invite the rest of us? You lucky bastard.

Feb 17

Joss [Whedon] was kind of like, “Hey, I want to give you this, ’cause the other thing didn’t work out. And you only got to wear one costume on Firefly so now you get to wear dresses and look really pretty, And while you’re doing that you’ll also be eating souls.” Read more

Feb 4

I’m confused about what you’re writing here, because that isn’t at all what the artist is alleging?
This isn’t a matter of “I created a character, they created a similar character so therefore they stole my idea”. It’s:

“I created a character they liked, and they went out of their way to specifically hire the people I Read more

Jan 28

I guess they missed a trick by not calling this episode “The Long Walk”.

Dec 28

The development of Windows Core OS means that Windows 10X won’t run traditional Win32 desktop applications when it starts appearing in 2021. Read more

Nov 12

Not completely out of nowhere, as he did play a slasher-style killer in Nightbreed (with one of my favorite masks):

Oct 27

It gets shit on a lot by the fan base but I genuinely enjoyed the Evil Dead remake.

Oct 21

There is no need to care about Chris Pratt now that he is no longer Anna Faris’s husband, and that’s that on that.

Sep 2

The rover is long overdue for some retrospective love. That movie and Cosmopolis combined were what cemented my love for Pattinson as an actor.
Read more

Sep 1

This review leaves so many unanswered questions. Why is astronaut Hilary Swank married to Josh Charles, when she had clearly gotten together with Aaron Eckhart after restarting the earth’s core? Are the astronauts going to Mars because the core has once again stopped working and humanity needs to find a new home? Has Read more