OPPOsaurus NoRoad
Jun 11

That’s probably the biggest argument for something newer for a first car. Giving the kid the Focus might save his life.

Apr 18

Wow. That’s everything I was looking for. Thank you so much. Oppo is a truly amazing place 

Apr 10

I thought of you today. I knew we were getting a bunch of packages today, so I left note on the door telling the delivery guys they rocked and inviting them to help themselves to some water and snacks I left out. I was happy to see a stack of boxes and an empty box of treats this evening.

Apr 1

You think the infrastructure wouldn’t almost immediately appear, given those constraints? I’m betting it would.

Mar 27

Nissan Quests are critical and important vehicles. There are very few options for finding a Q when playing the alphabet game with my kids

Feb 10

My beef is that it’s no different from anything else from this president. He’s not doing, he’s undoing, and leaving his stain on everything. One more way we’ll be forced to remember him when he’s gone.

Jan 8

Until the snow is so deep ur front tires come off the ground and you stop. Then you jack up each side, shovel it out, and back up. Then you put he WRX back in the garage and drive an Outback (3.0R amd3.6R, both with VTD) for the winter.

Jan 6

That’s how they were. I went in a building in SF that used to be a warehouse. Giant beams and all brick inside. The frieght elevator was all wood, we put stuff in it and then took the stairs.