One Way Monkey
Mar 17 2019

Of course it isn’t antisemitic to criticize Israel. Nobody on the left has suggested otherwise. It IS antisemitic to say it’s all about the Benjamins and say people are swearing allegiance to the state of Israel over the interests of the United States, which is Protocols of Zion shit. Read more

Jun 7 2018

I know - why can’t we just have a slick, completely unrealistic heist movie? There’s an ‘expert jeweler’ character. Nothing about this is supposed to be relatable, and that’s fine.

Jun 7 2018

Isn’t them looking perfect kind of the point of this whole movie? I’m in it for the hair, the makeup, the outfits.

Apr 15 2018

He looks like a mobster - he dresses like a mobster. His buds look like mobsters. Its all just too amazing for words.

Oct 11 2017

So did he not know about his girlfriend’s assault until the article came out last week? Because if he did know and said nothing he has no business dragging Hillary (for what exactly?). It’s really gross trying to put blame on a woman who has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.