One Way Monkey
Oct 11 2017

Regarding Anthony Bourdain, he’s jumped right on the “Why didn’t Hillary speak out about Weinstein” train.
I. Am. So. Fucking. Tired. Of. Women. Being. Blamed. For. Men’s. Disgusting. Behavior. HOW IS THIS HILLARY’S FAULT? HOW?!
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Sep 9 2017

If you’re into serialized fiction podcasts, there’s Jules & James, which is about two young artists who meet via a mis-dialed phone number and decide to continue the conversation via weekly half-hour phone calls.

Having fun reading the other responses to your post...good recommendations here!

Aug 3 2017

Need an assist here, please!
“Look, I spoke to Putin, Merkel, Abe of Japan, to France today...”

If transcripts with Mexico and Australia were released, does that mean we’re to anticipate a transcript of his call with Putin? According to that quote, these calls all happened on the same day...

Jan 31 2017

You can use this link—you may need to add ‘https://’ in front of it for it to show-up as a video on FB: Read more

Jan 31 2017

Yes, that’s the one. It’s the story of so many and it needs to be told over and over and louder and louder.

We will keep fighting. We’re not giving up.

Jan 22 2017

Just learned this tonight on the MoveOn/Indivisible call: if your reps are progressive and voting how you’d like them to, call and complement them! Tell them they’re doing a good job and have your support. Positive reinforcement works— they need to hear that their constituents are satisfied. They’ll keep fighting for Read more

Jan 22 2017

Absolutely! (I love when people catch that—it feels like I’m part of a secret PR club...)