OneHandedSquire thinks the post office is good

Thank you! Way too many people, especially those in the corporate press, seem to think the pathological feelings of know-nothings on Facebook are as valid as actual, knowable, factual reality and it’s getting people killed. Read more

It might be the first ambush I’ve seen that was included on the target’s official schedule. Read more

Yeah? I’m not that familiar with how Reddit works. Any idea why that would be the case? It’s not like the story was thinly sourced or squeezed out by randos on Twitter. Read more

Miller is an impressive case study in some people just being irredeemably rotten inside. Be nice if there weren’t so many institutions acting as the bat signal for those people. Read more

No sin is graver than pointing out the evil shit they’re getting up to. America is a shining city on a hill, dontcha know? Read more

Ah, dunno how I missed that. Thanks! Read more

No article on the whistle-blower claiming forced hysterectomies by ICE? Well, here’s that. Getting closer to peak Nazism every day. Read more

Despite my own many criticisms of Biden, I really don’t see him doing this, even if he’s in that position.  He’s publicly said he’ll let his AG have at ‘em and his base would tar and feather him if reneged in such a spectacularly terrible fashion.  That said, if Trump loses, expect him to either brazenly pardon Read more

Just today I read this article about this exact political dynamic playing out 200 years ago in my state. Read more

Though it’s not like she didn’t have any other options. I mean, aside from taking that law degree and entering the real world with the rest of the plebs and without the burden of debt. Are you going to tell me that if she decided to publicly take her dad to task, you wouldn’t have a bunch of Democrats and corporate Read more

Some of this country’s sickest attitudes seem to manifest themselves through sports. Disregard for health, racial disparities in who does the work vs. who owns the teams, and harmful attitudes surrounding gender. Every time one of those news stories bubbles up that Republicans are mad that trans women are allowed to Read more

I was in a room where radio news was playing for like five minutes earlier today and it made me so angry, I still need to grouse about it. Read more

What time is it? Post office o’clock! Read more

It’s worth mentioning in the case of Reinoehl, that he did an interview shortly before his death where he admitted to shooting Danielson, but claimed that he was defending himself and his friend from being stabbed. Reinoehl certainly wasn’t a perfect victim, but it seems entirely plausible that he died so the Read more

You really get the impression some of these Republicans watched The Matrix and thought it was a documentary... probably about George Soros. Read more

Something something creeping Sharia... something something cultural Marxism... something something only counts if you swear on a Bible... something something trust the plan.” Read more

Seems pretty murky, especially considering it sounds like he’s shared in the hardships of indigenous Australians and claimed as one by his father. It’s kind of a reverse Elizabeth Warren. There’s probably not a clean, simple answer that will satisfy everybody, but the closest thing to it would be whether an indigenous Read more

Can we get a do-over back to 2000?  There are some hanging chads I would happily Kyle Reese myself to go fix. Read more

If he gave a straightforward answer here, he would have a harder time avoiding a perjury charge when he inevitably gets dragged before Congress to answer for this shit and responds with the difficult to disprove “I don’t know off-hand.” Read more