As a kid, I had a little farm fresh squeezed milk. I’m sure that’s OK.

However, taking that unpasteurized mile on a trip and giving the bugs time? Probably not such a good idea.
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I spent the first 18 years of my life living on raw milk (family dairy farm). A few things to remember when diving into raw milk for the first time... Read more

A foreign policy expert who voted for an illegal war. A foreign policy expert who oversaw spectacular failures of foreign policy (Libya, Syria, Arab Spring non-support). A foreign policy who mucked around in the TPP agreement she helped shape, called the gold standard and now is against when it is politically Read more

Agreed, income inequality + high healthcare costs are also making things pretty tough for many families. I know lots of women who feel forced to either have children and perhaps accept some social assistance, or put off children for a chance at a more stable career, at which point reproduction may never happen. I feel Read more

True enough. I thought I remembered Warren outright giving her endorsement to Sanders, but I’m wrong. There’s certainly no love lost between Warren and Clinton, and Warren has defended Sanders on his actions more than once. Read more

Elizabeth Warren hasn’t endorsed anyone. Read more

I’ve tried to make this argument before and peoel have accused me of “no true Scotsman”. Read more

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I’m for Bernie because I am a Liberal/Progressive. Hillary’s not. Understatements are us. Read more

I have a number of female friends who’ve expressed that they sense an uptick in this kind of activity in the past few weeks. We might need to come up with a clever name for generally-female Clinton supporters who dog other females for not supporting her on the basis of gender. Read more

The dumbest line I‘ve heard so far is “vote for Hillary if you want to see a female president in your lifetime” Read more

I feel you. I was for Obama in 08 and felt like HRC supporters didn’t appreciate as a woman I wasn’t all rah rah for her. Now this time around, I like Bernie, but am leaning more for Hillary (her time as Sec. of State made me see her in a new light) but I HATE this sexism from both candidates followers. I really, Read more

Pretty horrible, but sums up what many Hilary supporters believe. Somehow because I’m a woman I should be voting for Hilary because she’s one as well. Or I’m sexist because I don’t vote for Hilary. Everyone wants to talk about BernieBros, but Clinton supporters are just as bad (if not worse) when it comes to these Read more

How about the fact that Hillary ran emails servers off books specifically to get around disclosure rules? In other words she went out of her way to hide things from the public. That doesn’t bother you? That says nothing about her character?
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This is a regular thing from many Hillary supporters. Even if I’m a huge fan of another female candidate and voted for her Senate seat and would love to see her run for president, I’m still a sexist. They’re just proving my original point. Unfortunately it was lost on them.
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I’m a woman who agrees with you. I’d prefer it if Warren were running, for sure, but, as things are, I am voting for Bernie. It’s not because I think Hilary would necessarily be a bad candidate, and if she wins the nomination I will absolutely vote for her. It’s because of her corporate ties and her flip-flopping on Read more

No. I’m comparing groups of policies favorably. There are 2 democratic candidates (for all intents and purposes), because I’m contrasting an imaginary campaign against the female candidate’s existing campaign I have to draw parallels to the other candidate...who happens to be male.
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Apparently relating first hand experiences doesn’t change people’s minds either. It happens all the time, even on sites like this one.

Would love to see an article about the other side of coin. Anyone who opposes Hillary is automatically called a sexist.
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