Omega Unlimited
Feb 26

This is a brilliant pull!

(Also I’ve been waiting for a new, Spicoli-like take on Sybok to show up in the new ST shows.)

Feb 26

That too. There’s probably a reason why the Republicans have so much better marketing, might say a thing or two about the industry :D.

Feb 26

Without an actual mindstone, Vision might very well be more of a programmable robot. That seems like a reasonable goal. Read more

Feb 25

...yeah, uh, lets be clear: This is pretty much entirely awful, in a “What were you thinking?” kind of way, because it immediately does what these sorts of programs can absolutely not afford to do: Read more

Feb 21

“Not that they endorse anything that I’ve said, of course, but at least they seem more concerned with making good games than with pushing some kind of a social justice agenda, so there is hope.” Read more

Feb 21

SNL decided to just go weird in this episode and it was a sheer delight to watch. I also thought they did a really good job, similarly than with Chalamet, in playing with expectations how they utilized Page as a host. While the monologue did play around with his sexiness, where I got such a kick out of him explaining Read more

Feb 19

I think both the clamor for Reed Richards and the constant talk about Mephisto both ignore what kind of story WandaVision is trying to tell: a story that is for and about how women experience the world. Like Captain Marvel, women and their relationships are front and center, and that means Monica and Agatha too. Read more

Feb 19

I felt like Agatha was really breaking it up because Monica was getting through to Wanda and messing the plan up. I’ll rewatch it but that was my take. I appreciate Charles’ take on the optics.

Feb 19

I was really shocked by how common that take was. Unless the show was gonna sharply turn its focus to Wanda slowly murdering people, it’s not clear why the commercial would focus on all those randos and not Wanda, like all the others. Oh well! The fun of watching something like this. Read more

Feb 19

Happy Endings intro with Office music with Modern Family typeface all smooshed together.

Jan 20

I would like to see this extended to the ‘Hey, somebody said something on Twitter’ Stories as well.

Apr 29

The lack of comments on this article should tell them that no one gives a flying fuck about slide shows.