Jan 31

American Students Supporting Honesty and Transparency! Sounds more official.

Jan 31

American Settlers Supporting Hitler And Trump

Jan 31

Thanks for making it clear to us you are a racist hate monger.

Dec 19

I’d be inclined to disagree. While I’m not familiar with F/A-18 gunpods, the FLIR in it is fairly similar to AH-64D Block II FLIR that I have operated, as far as I can tell. Errors in a FLIR system are pretty readily apparent and don’t manifest in any way similar to what the video showed.

While there are things about Read more

Dec 17

To be fair, blowing up your car may be the only effective way to reduce the cigarette stink.

Nov 27

I love that it was under his bed. You know for security. Next to a box of 10 year old pornos he found in the woods labeled “SECRET DO NOT OPEN” and that BB gun he’s not supposed to have.