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He’s preaching to the choir with me. Though as a former 6'7” 295-309lbs NCAA Div1 Offensive Lineman (Go Blue! Now only 235), my war with water and tiny people toilets goes back to 3rd grade. Until I bought an ‘illegal’ commercial grade toilet for my private bathroom in my home, I would have to spend an extra 10-15 Read more

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Plug it into Universe Sandbox, you’ll get a rough approximation and be able to drop it down next to the Milky Way and in minutes watch a million years of it hoovering stars from us.

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Unfortunately, American’s would rather see the flesh-eating albino cousin of ET enslave the planet.

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I’m a jealous former D1 defensive player that feels like writing a letter to this kid too. Our CFB HoF coach didn’t allow hair below the helmet or let us fro or white kids mullet..different times. Proof:

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Religion needs to be held accountable first..for all the violence and death it has inspired for a couple thousand years.

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I have the distinction of saying yes and there always seemed to be one drunk dude wherever I went that wanted to test out his manhood on me while I was just trying to get away from the grind to get something to eat. Even when my parents came into town to watch a game - I fucked up on national tv and people were Read more

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Obama did increase drone usage but to 1) Spare troops and airmens lives for comparable results 2) To spare collateral deaths over options like Trump allowing for carpet bombing over populated areas in Syria.
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I think he received it on behalf of all the MLK’s and those that came before him, those that were hung or dragged behind horses. They saw a man who represented 200 years of American oppression and overcoming the odds, becoming the president and doing it with integrity and class.

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Yeesh..little angry at reality not being the alternate reality alt-righters have circle-jerked yourselves into? or is it the facts that the person you worship is an imbecile? Read more

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I’m sure like other stripped Android devices, it will be a simple apk install..but likely getting a lot of the ‘feature not available on your device’ problems.

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:D Thanks! Developers today are spoiled with an overabundance of resources. 6502 programming was actually kind of easy but tedious..we squeezed a lot out of what we had - I remember having to get math help from my HS calculus teacher to do a vector balls flag. Read more

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The back end looks like a dog that hasn’t eaten in weeks (near the right-hand stairs and scaffolding). What would a design purpose be for ribs or did that happen with shitty materials during pressurization tests? Janky.

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Medical opinion? Though med school is 25+ years behind me - Sovereign is kinda right / kinda wrong - this is the same debate we saw when Tramadol hit the market. Is it an opiate (manufacturers were telling us it wasn’t btw)? At the time we considered an opiate to be either from the plant or synthetically produced to Read more

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Bard’s Tale I and II..then of course fucking around with Lord British in Ultima V. 

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It’s a PARTIAL opioid antagonist. There is a difference. It partially binds kappa and mu opioid receptors as opposed to kappa delta receptors which cause cardiac depression. It is very similar to Suboxone in those regards, used to treat opioid addiction. I assume the company that manufacturers Suboxone would rather Read more

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Well done and must’ve been a fun assignment while it lasted. I’m on the board of an IT security research company who was hired to research Russian medical misinformation involvement in this movement (2016?). I received a high-level overview and one of the conclusions our analysts made was that the idea for their Read more