Apr 30

Glory was his second nomination and first win. He had been nominated for Cry Freedom as well. Nobody thought he wasn’t going to be as big critically as Eddie was commercially.

Apr 30

I got the chance to Interview Denzel a LOOOOOOONG when he came to our newspaper and our regular entertainment guy was out of the building so they asked me to talk to him (this was just after his St. Elsewhere days when he started doing more movies). I was just asking generic questions since I wasn’t sure what he was Read more

Apr 13

I don’t necessarily think that Navarro is a dumb man; I think he thinks we’re dumb and that he can float any outlandish lie and we’ll believe him because he’s so “important”.  The problem with that is that it only works with Trump’s base who are well-known for their allergic reaction to objective truth and reality.

Apr 13

No, that’s not how it works, unfortunately. FAR too many people will still think Navarro was being attacked unfairly, viewing that same thing. The better answer is not airing these assclowns ever. 

Apr 13

It’s all well and good that 60 Minutes had the receipts, but it would be better if they just made the decision not to provide a vast audience to a propagandist like Navarro. There is zero chance that he will ever tell the truth about anything, so what purpose does it serve to legitimize his BS perspective by giving Read more

Mar 9

I do not want him to die in office. I want him to watch his replacement take the oath of office in January 2021. Read more

Feb 28

OMG the amount of times I heard my Dad yell “Get ‘em, Robinette!” or walk in the room mid episode and tell Jack McCoy that he’d better listen to Robinette ... Read more

Jan 27

This may make me a loon, but I’m always so happy to see a Judoon. On the moon, by a lagoon, at high noon, as a hired goon, with a raccoon, singing a tune...their appearance is always a boon and I hope to see them again soon.

Dec 2 2019

I’m going to say this one more time, the amount of people that think this bitch ass punk mother fuckin pussy is some kind of genius tough guy is simply amazing. No it is fucking infuriating. People in NYC know he’s a bitch ass pussy and as dumb as a fucking post. There is a reason he has never testified in any Read more

Nov 26 2019

but you seem to like sniffing up under his ass otherwise you wouldn’t be here. what stormfront has no more room for you?

Nov 26 2019

I’ve heard using gender neutral pronouns on dogs is a good way to practice so it gets easier to use they/them pronouns.  

Nov 20 2019

That line seems perfectly clear. She’s implicated in her white fans’ shitty behavior to a black woman.

Nov 19 2019

So are your personal experiences all you have to offer to rebut these arguments? If so, then you’ll need more people. 

Nov 17 2019

As I understand it, it wasn’t a simple liability waiver they asked him to sign. It was 5 pages and had additional stipulations attached, as I inferred (his rep wouldn’t explicitly state what they were and deferred to a lawyer for that answer) were meant to kneecap Kaepernick’s ability to speak his mind on this Read more

Nov 15 2019

i wish we could step back and not always claim respectability politics especially when we know (or should know) there is a lot of toxicity in a lot of the ratchet/entertainment we consume. theres a level of self destruction and self hate in a lot of the ratchet that we seem way too willing to defend. im not gonna Read more