I'm Fart and I'm Smunny
Oct 12 2018

Has anyone, just once, ever bothered think that perhaps some prominent women, who’re women as well as women of color, are reluctant to share their political views because they do not feel safe? Has anyone ever considered that the endless violent and misogynistic, violent and alt right responses flooding the media Read more

Oct 12 2018

You’d think she was courting them and having meet and greets the way it is spoken of. She is not in the catbird seat here. I think it is very likely she is afraid of these violent men. Read more

Oct 12 2018

Yeah, I feel like people are seriously misreading the whole “Nazis love Taylor Swift thing.” Neo-nazis don’t “love” Taylor Swift because they think her music is cool and great. They love Taylor Swift because they’ve developed an elaborate sexual fantasy where she is the “pure” Aryan princess they want to carry on the Read more

Oct 12 2018

I always found it jarring how Jezebel would write about her stalkers in almost a comedic way.  They reeeeeealllly don't like her or anything about her.

Oct 12 2018

So let me get this straight... you yourself said that if she had spoken up in 2016, she would have just been one in a long, long list, and thus her impact would have been substantially less, so even while doing a good thing, it wouldn’t have created much of a net positive. And yes, horrendous things were happening in Read more

Oct 12 2018

If a bunch of violent-by-definition, angry Nazi men fixated on me, I imagine I would be more terrified to move than if they dismissed me as a “whore” or whatever they call Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc.
Read more

Oct 12 2018

It’s fine to dislike Taylor Swift. I’m not a massive fan myself. I get it, you think Taylor Swift identifies mostly with white women, and you might be correct in this assumption. And for sure, white women have a LOT of work to do. But this is just the kind of self-righteous rant that divides us when we need to unite.

Sep 8 2018

I hope someone puts together a highlight reel of all the coaching this guy’s ignored and all the obscenities he’s ignored from male players. The violation for coaching was chickenshit at best, and that game penalty was fucking absurd.

Jul 15 2018

I think it’s great! I’m glad the refs didn’t take issue with a young All-Star getting his game on and get him fed to the rules when he hit the ground running. Yes, he’s looking kinda dumb with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead. But the years start coming and they don’t stop coming, so it Read more

Jul 15 2018

Imagine for a moment, that you are a female civil rights activist in Putin’s Russia. Now, you know that no matter what you do, if you actually succeed in your goal of drawing attention to the horrendous state of human rights in your country, you are going to go to jail. And you will be abused. And you may never get Read more

Jul 15 2018

Sure, that sucks for Croatia, but protesting a murderous oligarch is a tad more important.

Jul 14 2018

You really don’t know what you’re talking about, but rather than start some sort of internet battle, let me try to help educate you on this particular topic: Read more

Mar 9 2018

Okay first of all I have a lot of problems with how weird you’re being about the fact that she has a kid — chill out, you didn’t need to add the bit about her wanting to cry before a match, it adds absolutely nothing to the article and puts women into the “emotional” trope. Read more

Jan 28 2018

Have you heard the David Cross story about Jim Belushi? Really funny, Belushi seems like he just sucks to work with.

Jan 13 2018

Ben Cardin is pretty liberal and is a reflection of the will of the people in Maryland who elected him. I voted for him. I don’t feel that he needs to be pushed any farther to the left. Other voters in the state may disagree and can vote for an elect a more liberal senator. That’s fine. I accept that. I don’t think Read more

Jan 13 2018

Why Maryland? Is she from here? This is odd. As a registered democrat in MD, I have no desire to vote for her instead of Ben Cardin. This strikes me as really strange and I don’t understand it all. I feel like she is trying to make a joke out our state’s election and doesn’t care about representing Maryland at all. Read more

Apr 9 2017

I think it’s important to note that K-12 teachers would not get paid for professional development over the summer. That’s why they need them during the school year. Other professions get paid for development, but why should your kids benefit from their freeloading teachers learning about new developments in their Read more