I'm Fart and I'm Smunny
Oct 12 2018

I am not trying to excuse anyones behavior here and I do think she should have been politically outspoken a long time ago, but I don’t know if I would have it in me to rock the boat if I had to deal with stalkers like she has to deal with them. We don’t know her personal anxieties associated with provoking any more Read more

Aug 11 2018

I am disgusted that I have to go back to this school in a couple weeks. I have a hard time believing Wallace Loh was really unaware of this until now, by the way. Either he knew about it and thought it was fine or he didn’t know about it and is being willfully ignorant.

Jul 15 2018

No it doesn’t. Ask the actual pros and they will say women’s tennis has had great depth over the past 20 years but Serena’s dominance is just that strong. 

Jul 13 2018

I recorded this match on my DVR just so I would have a solid response to those who say men’s tennis is always more dynamic than women’s tennis.

Mar 10 2018

jesus fucking Christ will deadspin ever cover female tennis players in a respectful way or are you too busy with your boner for Federer to give a shit that there is another 36 year old with an amazing story and possibility for a massive comeback

Feb 5 2018

In my film production class today I had to watch a documentary with Tarantino in it and could not be more uncomfortable the entire class after finding out what happened to Uma. Now we have this fucking shit. SAFE TO SAY I STILL DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT TARANTINO THINKS OF EDITING. Read more

Jan 28 2018

My mom was a production assistant on a film that Belushi was in once and apparently he had a dental emergency on a SUNDAY so my mom was able to get her dentist to come in on a Sunday and while they were in the car going there he randomly asks, “So is this guy gay or something?” and she was like “Who the hell cares he Read more

Jan 27 2018

yes it really is the best picture of 2017, it was incredibly well executed and only giving credit to the screenplay is idiotic

Jan 13 2018

My brother just interned for him. Cardin is doing great, but thanks for your ageist concern. And lol at thinking Cardin hasn’t made a difference.

Apr 9 2017

I mean some teachers can plan it out so their payments are divided up over 12 months instead of 10 months but it’s not like they actually get paid for those summer months. Also, Montgomery County won’t have summer school this upcoming summer because they don’t have enough money! FUCK HOGAN

Apr 9 2017

FUCKING HOGAN. Professional days were given to the teachers in Montgomery County because they had to pay more for healthcare and they weren’t getting their raises. It was essentially like, “You won’t get a raise and your healthcare will be more expensive, but we will give you more planning time and professional days.” Read more