Sep 15 2017

Great write-up, I really enjoyed it. As a Puerto Rican boxing fanatic, I’m pulling for Canelo, but enjoy watching both fighters, and would be happy if either of them won.

Outside of the ridiculous scorecards from the Cotto fight, I don’t understand the “fraud” charges my Mexicano brothers lob at him. I live in San Read more

Sep 14 2017

What you will see Sunday Night is a paid advertisement…a glowing tele-brochure that presents the opening of a new stadium as a moment of grand symbiosis between an NFL team and the city it calls home. A communal rebirth. It is in line with the Great American Myth of the industrial giant—a man who changes the world and Read more

Aug 29 2017

Why don’t you just be a fan of every team? You’re already 10% there. What the fuck is this

Aug 27 2017

That whole final scene with the cheesy music and bad camera work felt like it came straight out of a SyFy Channel movie.

Aug 27 2017

My reaction to pretty much everything that happened this episode: “What?! Why?! DUUUUUUMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!”

Aug 27 2017

Boxing, as a sport, hasn’t had any dignity for about 40 years. It barely had any before that.

Aug 22 2017

The same reason Dylan Roof can get a Whopper from Burger King from the police upon arrest after murdering nine people in a church. The same reason a young man that attends Stanford can get a light sentence for raping an unconscious coed, while a black man at Vanderbilt University gets 15 years for the same crime. The Read more

Aug 21 2017

I think that so many younger people are at the point where our culture of immediacy has effectively stymied our ability to understand that public policy is a long journey towards the ideal. Read more

Aug 21 2017

Well, I have to give credit to one of the most conservative countries in the world making at least this much progress on the issue. Divorce was entirely illegal until a little over a decade ago. Hopefully expanding access to abortion won’t take another few decades. Read more

Aug 20 2017

Yep grandma always told us grandpa just liked punching people but I think there’s some truth to it.