OkCars- 22k Crossroads
Feb 1 2016

So posting it on social media is his response? How about taking it to the local sheriff’s office so they can get the whole truckload of bro-dudes off the street before they shoot someone?

Jan 29 2016

One of my favorite things to do if a friend is driving (and I’ve been drinking) is pretend to be the rally navigator. Read more

Jan 25 2016

No. Authorities have better things to do than harass American citizens who are acting as good Samaritans. Providing someone water is not the same as aiding efforts to smuggle them into the country.

Jan 25 2016

I assumed the border patrol would be checking out the water barrels and subsequently that could lead to thirsty people avoiding them. It’s a rough life.

Jan 23 2016

ok, on this one there’s dickery from both sides. The little boy on the bike who thinks public roads are his own personal race track should have had his license suspended at most. Read more

Jan 15 2016

I know they wanted it to sound exciting and stuff but the sound editing in the first video is horrible. It’s good muted though!

Jan 4 2016

I am pretty sure the majority are buying Chinese knockoffs which eventually end up in a fiery explosion.

Dec 23 2015

And yet somehow, it was still the best and most memorable thing about that dumpster fire of a movie.