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3:51 AM

Right, what you say is the most logical. But the way Han looked at Rey was kind of way a father looks at his daughter, which makes me think that Rey is his niece.

4:47 PM

episode 1 is mocked because of jar jar and extensive, extensive meetings of sitting and talking, sitting and talking and more sitting and talking meetings. The only action worth watching is pod racing and darth maul’s combat/ anakin on yellow ship

1:32 AM

EL Uly this is off topic but i kind of remember that you were into R/C cars.
My brother and i are looking for a Short course truck, preferably brushless.
do you know which brands are known to be great and which ones should we avoid? And also websites that are tustworthy for ordering.

1:52 AM

with ticket prices rising, it sure wasnt a motivation to show up, I would have definitely thinked about it if at least i got to hear those V8 but no... the V6 are not a motivation either. Im glad i didn’t go, although the race was super exiting, the rest of the weekend was entire shit.

1:37 AM

EXACTLY. You suffer less, i once was like mach 01. Life is happier when you dont mind about dirt or dust.

9:08 PM

mmaybe i didnt explain myself correctly, i said “they” as in city, should be thinking in changing 4 way intersections to roudabouts, because IMO it prevents some crashing. I feel your bad luck. Ive been there, last year a kid crashed my car only 14 or 15 min after i had installed my New short shifter... It took a lot Read more