Ohoyo Tohbi
Nov 1 2015

As a cat co-owner, I’m convinced they totally know how our world works and simply screw with us just for shits and giggles. Read more

Nov 1 2015

So my cat has this weird habit of waking Mr Pies and me up exactly 2 hours before our alarm. She basically decides it’s time to check on our liveliness, delivered via loving paws in our faces and chirping when we give her sleepy pats. She somehow KNOWS when we plan to wake up. I’m talking 0415 on weekdays for the 0615 Read more

Oct 26 2015

Either your teacher didn’t care about Shakespeare or you didn’t pay attention.

Oct 25 2015

My favorite single from her album, 1589, is definitely Welcome to New Yorick. Shake it Out, Damned Spot takes a close second.

Oct 25 2015

He compares the exercise of working through 1989’s songs to “being in Ghostbusters or something, and then all of a sudden I have to go do Shakespeare”. As in, his material is the goofy franchise, hers is the oeuvre of the greatest writer that ever lived. It’s possibly an overgenerous analogy. Read more

Oct 15 2015

After reading about the mother throwing her baby out a window & the creep who was holding a 14 year old hostage this is exactly what I needed.