2/11/21 12:08PM

Yeah, it’s wild that she’s basically insinuating some terrible shit happened, specifically to her, and it’s getting no attention whatsoever.

2/11/21 12:07PM

I dunno, maybe its just me, but I think I’d appreciate a partner checking in on how we’d done this week/month/year...

2/10/21 5:54PM

I came here to say this!!! Angel the show’s plotlines were BANANAS. That they couldn’t figure out how to incorporate this pregnancy is totally ridiculous. They had Darla as a pregnant vampire who had to be staked to give birth, they could have figured this out.

2/10/21 2:36PM

I agree! That season sucked and I had really enjoyed it up to then. The decision to have Cordelia and Connor get together was gross.
Read more

2/10/21 2:13PM

In the past, Carpenter has remained relatively silent about her working relationship with the director, despite rumors bubbling under that she had been fired for her pregnancy onset of Angel. Read more

2/10/21 1:57PM

I always wondered as to why her role was turned into the way it was towards the end... Her character really matured over Buffy and Angel which made me sad when her character left the show. Read more

2/10/21 1:42PM

I feel bad for not believing Fisher’s initial claims. In my defense, he came off as unhinged. I still think he was, but being unhinged is probably what allowed him to not give a shit about what speaking out would mean to his future, his career, etc. I have to respect that. Read more

2/04/21 12:33PM

word - the only folks that I know that are angry at her are the folks that were already angry at her. I don’t believe for one second these two dude-bros were 100% for her any way. 

2/04/21 11:51AM

We tried to tell y’all that the leftist/progressive/socialist focus on classism centers white men. Lefty white men need classism as it’s the one issue where they can center themselves. They need it so they can dismiss misogyny, racism, transphobia etc. They use classism to deny the existence of other oppressive

12/21/20 11:25AM

On that first point, the part that made me breaky out and scream at the screen was where Smythe explained that she wanted the public to understand that Shkreli’s villainy was just a public mask. The way you get a villaneous public mask is if you behave like a villain in public. Which is usually the requirement for Read more

10/18/20 3:13PM

And hopefully in a few weeks we can all call him “the former Senator from Georgia”.

10/12/20 10:06AM

Emmett Till is exactly who I thought of when he said that, but I’m glad he didn’t say his name in pursuit of a laugh. Do young white people not know Emmett Till? What am I saying. They don’t know where Spain is, yeah, young white people maybe don’t know Emmett Till.

10/12/20 2:54AM

Nah I liked the part where White people are faux being outraged at those issues as an excuse to find issue with what he was saying about White people.

10/11/20 7:09PM

Exactly. When its a hard truth for them all of a sudden its offensive and misogynist. How? Because its a truth they don’t want to face that’s how. But when the jokes are reversed and they are actually offensive, “Its all just jokes.” You can almost taste the irony.

10/11/20 6:08PM

Black women have endured the jokes of comedians coming at us with offensive stereotypes for YEARS-and snl has been a part of that. The white women going off on Twitter about these accurate observations disguised as jokes are the same ones that would happily laugh at us being called ‘Shaniqua’.

10/11/20 3:57PM

Yea he ruffled a lot of feathers last night. And I LOVE IT. He went in and White women are made because, as usual, they don’t like to be reminded of their privileges’ or why they have it. Everything is all rainbows and phony smiles and subtle racism hiding behind sugarcoated friendliness. 

10/11/20 3:05PM

The nerve of you white women! Listen, I don’t want to speak ill of my bitches here. I dont, but let’s go back in history here, OK? You guys stood by us toxic white males through centuries of our crimes against humanity. You rolled around in the blood money, and occasionally, when you wanted to sneak off and hook up Read more