2/17/21 6:58PM

Forgiving the debt without addressing the underlying issues with the cost and/or system smells self-serving as hell. Speaking as the daughter of Cuban refugees, I’m NOT here for people who get theirs and then completely ignore the plight of those around them. And it’s not like other Americans aren’t known for exactly Read more

2/11/21 12:55PM

Sounds like you need to follow new pages. There are LGBTQ and BLM fights on my friggin Aldi Weight Watchers pages. (And I’m here for it.)

But good try with the flipped “not all men” language nitpick. This new thing of blaming *fans* who have nothing to do with the fact that the creator is a POS reeks of misogyny. Read more

2/11/21 10:32AM

Michelle Trachetenberg’s statements are really disturbing. Especially when one considers that in the comic book continuation of the series, her character ends up in a romantic relationship with the character that Whedon has explicitly said is based on him...

2/10/21 3:32PM

They literally did a “magical pregnancy” arc for the same character in the first season of the SAME show. There is is just no excuse for his reaction and even LESS of an excuse that he never apologized for what he did years later. Read more

2/10/21 2:09PM

We’re not Star Wars fans. Everyone who has watched the show knows that what happened to her was awful and that Whedon literally sabotaged his *own show* b/c of his misogyny. The FB pages I’ve seen have already posted in supported her.

2/10/21 1:54PM

I’m so happy she is coming forward with her truth and she is healing. Even as an avid Buffy-Angel-Firefly fan, it was obvious what had happened to her even then. This is so, so disappointing from Joss but it is not surprising. Read more

10/19/20 9:16AM

That article fails to point out that the Emmys won for Afro-Latinxs were not for Latinx stories. It’s kind of hard to shout down the criticism as anti-black while also pointing out that, in order to get recognition, Afro-Latinx need to erase their Latinx identity...

8/05/20 7:31PM

This was a good, even handed summary but falls short of the analysis of education and healthcare. The education/literacy rate goes hand in hand with communist indoctrination. With complete control over media and education, one is only allowed to read Communist propaganda. Sure you can read, but you can only read or Read more

6/26/20 3:08PM

This was super triggering but necessary. Thank you for putting into words the abuse I put up with at my old organization, where I was routinely called “difficult” and a “troublemaker.” Where I was pigeon-hold into a portfolio/job that one colleague called “an abusive relationship”. Where they hired a white lady to Read more

6/16/20 11:32AM

100 on that lazy soap opera twist. Having a kid outside of your relationship (that wasn’t due to cheating), while traumatic, should not be framed as putting an end to Issa and Lawrence. I can see that happening with Molly but I don’t see how it changes what Issa and Lawrence have.

Also, I don’t understand this from Read more

6/05/20 3:05PM

OMFG I didn’t hear it with the audio before. Everyone stopped with the sound of his skull cracking the ground. And they did NOTHING.

5/06/20 11:31AM

Reade accused the AP News of fabricating a large portion of an interview- citation? I just googled and didn’t find anything.

3/10/20 11:33AM

Berniefiles can’t have it both ways. You can’t continually worship him for being consistent for 30 years and then shrug your shoulders when he LEAPS backwards and DOUBLES DOWN on the fact that abortion isn’t necessarily a progressive battle worth fighting for. This happened three years ago vs. the 2005 Kaine stuff Read more

3/09/20 8:24AM

It’s also a lie. Tim Kaine is a Catholic and is PERSONALLY pro-life but has a 100% pro-choice voting record, according to NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood since becoming a Senator in 2012. And he didn’t need any angry feminists to force him to do that. 

3/09/20 8:22AM

Once again, Bernie supporters are playing fast and loose with the truth. Tim Kaine was PERSONALLY pro-life due to his Catholicism but never legislated bodies as Senator. Unlike Bernie, he decided it was a BIG DEAL and overruled his own personal objections without needing to be called out about it after 2016.

1/27/20 9:05AM

With a 50/50 custody split, it’s going to be even harder to go film in Vancouver for a whole season of T.V.  

12/26/19 12:47PM

My godmother deadass described the segregation in the local park growing up and then claimed it’s “not racist.” I just... ugh.

12/23/19 8:54AM

If it makes you feel any better, Hispanics don’t know who we are, either. Nor does the American public know what to do with us (see “Cardi B is not black.”). We’ve somewhat establishing our own identity the last few years with the internet but it’s ongoing. It’s why some white Hispanics think it’s ok to say this (it’s Read more

12/23/19 8:40AM

I’m Cuban-American and let me tell you, my people may know racism, but they will not call it that. Especially in a place like Miami where they’re so insulated that they think voting for people like Trump is fine.

It does not surprise me she was using that word as a teen. It DOES surprise me that she continued to use it Read more