Wednesday 9:34PM

Nguyen was allowed by Judge Elisha Fink of the Washtenaw County 14-A District Court to post a $10,000 bail for his release, a decision harshly criticized by county prosecutor Eli Savit.” Read more

Wednesday 7:11PM

Somebody explain to me why a failed attempt at murder it treated differently than a successful murder?

Wednesday 12:19PM

I recall falling in love with the RX-Evolv concept and, upon seeing the RX-8 at the Detroit Auto Show, I fell for that, as well. I ended up leasing one at the end of college (while working for the dealership) and did 2 years of driving schools in it and a bunch of autocross. It was an amazing car. It was incredibly

Tuesday 12:05PM

Yeah, reading car mags as I grew up, I always thought I really needed a “sporty” car, like a BMW 3-series or Miata or something like that. Read more

6/03/21 4:33PM

Screams, “I’m in middle management and reside in suburb of Cleveland.”

6/03/21 12:10PM

I love the hypocrisy of these racists saying two women kissing in front of their children is unacceptable, and yet screaming obscenities and getting kicked out of a pool in front of said-children is a-ok. “Mommy screams at women of color so you don’t have to see them kiss!” Toodaloo, Karen!

6/01/21 12:34PM

How awful is it that the lines at the food banks for the past year feature any number of expensive ($40K+ CUVs)? Seriously? Read more

6/01/21 12:14PM

We finally got bike share in our neighborhood which is great because I figure I’m half as likely to get stabbed for a communal three speed bicycle than while riding the subway.

6/01/21 10:52AM

We really doing this? Really? I mean we have Texas trying to take away the right to vote for anyone that isn’t white, actually seasons their food and can clap on the 2 & 4 and this is what you’re concerned with? I am all for multi-tasking but I am also for priorities and this ain’t it. Unless you have footage of her Read more

6/01/21 10:41AM

It reads like this Beryl_Fitzlegrint is drafting up their racist equivalent of the text on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s.

6/01/21 10:39AM

You’re deeply, incredibly pathetic. Which I suspect you know, hence...that screed.

6/01/21 10:37AM

There’s really not much of anything here. The headline and the beginning of the story made it sound like Erin from The Office was burning crosses and shit. Nope, she attended some corny debutante ball thing that has a racist past. Most of the US has a racist past. Read more

5/20/21 11:36AM

yeah, Boise is crazy right now. I bought my house in ‘99 for 86,500 and put another 50 into it. The house a few doors down that is comparable was just listed for $349000. 

5/19/21 11:24AM

you know he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tow his new Defender out of somewhere by doing some crazy tank spin in a Rivian. This is the guy who drove around Philly in an H1 Hummer and filmed himself crushing cars with it

5/19/21 9:03AM

Rivian. I dunno what it is about that company, but their cars give me Land Rover of future vibes. If they can beat LR in quality (low bar, I know) I think the yuppie outdoorsy niche will serve them well. Read more

5/18/21 4:52AM

There’s a house in my neighborhood with a sign that says “The hell with the dog; beware of the owner!” with a picture of a sniper’s silhouette. It’s a good sign because I know exactly which of my neighbors is a gun-humping psychopath.