2/20/19 12:52PM

Your article really articulates some of the feelings I’ve been having about the conversations always taking place around Sanders.  I’m glad you wrote this. 

It’s the contempt for Bernie that I never get. It feels out of measure with what’s wrong with him. I feel like we’re playing into the enemy’s hands when we’re so Read more

1/18/18 3:00PM

I am so confused by this entire argument. Aren’t social media posts, selfies, and other visibility-increasing things GOOD for a grass-roots movement? Wouldn’t you want protesters to post supportive messages, selfies, and other info about the protest on social media in order to encourage others to join? Or to act as a Read more

1/18/18 2:18PM

Look, I don’t do selfies, and I regularly mock selfie takers, and I’ve taken funny pictures of people I don’t know taking selfies in absurd situations, so I get it. I do. But at the same time, I also think getting hung up on women taking selfies at the march is fucking ridiculous. I want the selfie idiots to come to Read more

11/23/17 3:07PM

I’m really torn about this. On the one hand, zero tolerance is zero tolerance, on the other you have an adult male misogynist stalking 14 year old girls vs a man with a history of standing up to the good old boys network on behalf of women accused of touching women’s butts. Read more

11/23/17 2:23PM

Can someone tell me why this kind of behavior requires a resignation? It is neither criminal nor terribly damaging. I’m sure these women’s opinion of Franken changed and I think the behavior is definitely deplorable but I don’t understand the severity of the punishment being very mismatched for the crime. Read more

10/26/17 4:18PM

I was just going to comment that for both of my wanted and planned pregnancies, I didn’t see a positive test until I was almost 6 weeks pregnant (a full week after my missed period) AND I knew I *could* be pregnant since we were trying. It would be so fucking easy, especially if you have irregular periods, to be 6+ Read more

10/19/17 11:28PM

Her point about offering to give him a massage instead of accepting one is so telling. When we’re afraid we bargain and try to give narcissists what they want so we can minimize harm or plan our escape routes. I have no doubt that Weinstein will pretend that Nyong’o happily instigated the encounter. We smile at Read more

10/17/17 11:59AM

This is from last year, but Lindy West nails it again:

10/13/17 8:12AM

The pre-Obamacare world was not that long ago. I was uninsured from age 22, I bought my own insurance without Obamacare starting age 27, and bought through Obamacare when I was 30, the year it started. I’m only fucking 34! Everyone should still remember how shitty it was! Read more

10/13/17 1:17AM

Hey all y’all who didn’t vote, here are the consequences of elections. Neil Gorsuch, implosion of one-sixth of the economy, pre-emptive war, indifference from DoJ to anyone not in power, and tax cuts for rich people are on the menu because of your inaction.
Read more

9/25/17 7:14AM

I love real estate porn as much as anyone but you shouldn’t feel that way at all. We live in a strangely egalitarian time. All their stuff is just a bigger version of all the stuff you enjoy. They wash their clothes in washing machines and sleep on comfy mattresses just like you.
Read more

9/22/17 8:18PM

Don’t give McCain credit for barely doing the right thing the wrong way. If he actually had morals he would have come out against the bill on a fundamental level because it was bad for the country and would needlessly hurt people all for the sake of positive publicity for 2018.
Read more

9/22/17 7:08PM

I think there is a certain personality type of fairly intelligent and perceptive person who goes through a phase in their life lasting maybe a decade, from about age 15 to age 25 or so, in which they realize that many people and many institutions of society are hypocritical and corrupt. But instead of continuing a Read more

9/22/17 5:25PM

It reminds me quite a bit of It’s Always Sunny; for a while I lived with a small handful of dudes who wanted to be The Gang, picking analogues in the show for who they felt best represented them, and emulating the various drinking games and habits they exhibited. It entirely baffles me that anyone would watch that Read more

9/22/17 5:22PM

One of the primary criticisms leveled against Rick And Morty fans is that they mistakenly valorize Rick as a sort of uber-nerd, a shit-talking asshole who’s too smart to abide by normal social rules. Rick is always right, and when he isn’t, he still comes out on top, probably with a catchphrase and an episode-ending Read more

9/20/17 10:17AM

Last night Jimmy Kimmel lacerated Sen. Bill Cassidy for this (this is a must see):

9/18/17 7:32PM

I think people are definitely tired. I know I am. It’s exhausting constantly being outraged and trying to stop things from happening. And the moment we smack something down something else comes up. Read more

9/18/17 7:04PM

I really miss gawker. It was nice to have a main page where everyone gathered. I was wondering if Jez would have a story on healthcare and what’s going on in St Louis. Read more

9/13/17 10:20AM

I’d say the only reasonable way of interpreting her comment is that she elected to have a c-section in order to avoid as much as possible the wonders of giving birth. And because we have no shortage of ways of shaming mothers, I’m sure she’s encountered people who think she Did It Wrong, so describing her choice as Read more