No! Brienne + Jaime forever!

I hated it, too. It was a cheap way to indicate intimacy between the two of them when there has seriously been nothing of substance shown between them at all. There’s no precedent for him calling her “Dany.” Why would he be so informal? And then to follow it up with “How about My Queen” like something straight out of Read more

There’s more to pelvic floor physical therapy than kegals. Kegals can be useful if the problem is a weak pelvic floor, but the problem for many with pelvic floor dysfunction is that their muscles are too tight or in a constant state of tension. Therapy for this focuses on teaching you how to relax those muscles. Kegal Read more

No, see, they want to tell you about how GG actually has lots of women and minorities and the good kind of feminists in its ranks, and they’re good people who just wanna play video games, man, without having to hear any critique of any aspects of the games they’re playing. Such criticism is biased and designed to Read more

I don’t really believe in this stuff, but I grew up hearing this story from my mom about how she played with a Ouija board when she was a kid and it told her she would die young. She had many health problems and liked to talk about “when I die”, as if she didn’t have many years left. When I’d say something in Read more

This is my all time favorite movie. I wish they would leave it alone. You can’t remake perfection!

You would never get a real answer to this question, just some word vomit about how bad people will find ways to be bad anyway and the importance of simultaneous respect for the Constitution as written and the precious unborn. Then later you’d be criticized and dismissed for your “gotcha question.”

I get why Jackson’s interpretation is what it is, because Tolkien gave so little description of Sauron himself beyond his creepy eyes most of the time. Frodo does see a fiery eyeball in Galadriel’s mirror, and the orcs refer to Sauron as “The Eye” and paint the symbol on their gear because he was this great menacing Read more

I don’t think a giant eyeball on top of a tower was exactly what Tolkien had in mind.

See, I don’t think a study about whether or not games cause violence means anything about sexism. Violence and sexism are not the same thing. Our culture doesn’t encourage violence. Most people understand violence is wrong. They understand why murder is wrong. Clicking heads in a video game doesn’t make them think Read more

Yes, we really can’t win. People are used to women softening their speech in this manner, so when we remove the qualifiers we’re perceived as bitchy, bossy, and abrasive instead of confident, capable, and assertive.

I mean, it’s not like you pee all over the stick.

Seconding American Eagle. They have quite a few high rise options.

You did the right thing by stopping when you weren’t comfortable. But I don’t think his reaction was over the top or unreasonable. His feelings were hurt, and he was probably trying to figure out what happened to change your mind and if it was something he’d done. He’s not in your head, so he can’t know all the Read more

After my mom died suddenly, my dad started texting and then eventually talking on the phone with a woman who is a family friend. She’d checked on him a couple of times during the funeral week, and he seemed to latch onto her. She’s younger than he is, separated from her husband, has health problems. He would read me Read more

And then I scrolled down and here it is again.

Yeah, by Gamergate. The 8chan board had multiple threads in which people were losing their shit in anticipation and throughout the episode last night. It's funny that they think this actually means something instead of just being, you know, what this show has done forever — constructing episodes loosely based on shit Read more

Yeah, the guy wore a shirt plastered with pinup models on a day he'd be on the news all over the world. Of course the media's going to have a field day with that. What really gets me is this insistence that he was "attacked" and "bullied" by feminists into crying and apologizing. I don't think a few Twitter comments & Read more