Apr 8

Write this article but from the perspective of how when playing as the British Empire and Commonwealth forces you’re nearly always in an entirely White army despite the Empire being predominantly made up of Asian and African peoples or how no campaign ending ever has “and by jove, who cares if Bengal starved and Read more

Feb 21

People don’t seem to understand the concept of “overexposure” when filming. I know this is animated, but it’s made to look that way.

Jun 12 2017

I see your point. But I would say this is a case were I would let the art speak for itself rather than judging it from the developer. (It’s not released yet, and the trailer is not very informative so I wont really say anything about that now.) Read more

Apr 3 2017

I do politely disagree. As we get older, yes, it takes more time to get through games. I’m still playing my release copy of FFXV and think I just got to the “corridor” area, but I’m going back and playing more open world. And enjoying every minute of it. Yes, I might only get two to three hours of gaming a week, but Read more

Nov 8 2016

Great read, I needed to let you know I really enjoyed this before my comment because my comment is totally off-topic and irrelevant. Read more