Nymphicus Hollandicus
Jul 3 2019

HEY NOW: We don’t deny climate change. We just believe that billions of humans emitting trillions of tons to CO and other greenhouse gasses not only has zero effects on the planet God runs, it’s a LIBERAL PLOT TO TAKE OUR GUNS.

Mar 5 2019

Now’s as good a time as any to announce that Aaron W. Gordon has joined the staff of Jalopnik. He’s an ace investigative reporter with bylines at Vice Sports, The New Yorker, Wired, something called “Deadspin” (sic?) and a lot more. Read more

Feb 7 2018

Full disclosure: I love birds (a bit of a bird watcher, actually) but you are right. This guy is a grade-AA serial killer in the making. Maybe someone should run his stupid ass down. Read more

Feb 6 2018

Wanton killing of animals for enjoyment is the sign of a serial killer.

Nov 3 2017

I am almost 100% certain it’s a VW Jetta. My neighbor owns one and it looks pretty much identical. The taillights, headlights, wheels, overall shape and chrome window trim are a dead giveaway.