Jan 25

Employees don’t owe their employer love. I find the idea kind of creepy that you would want someone to be an emotional component of your family while also keeping the ability to fire them.

Jan 22

His due diligence about the frequency Che calls people dog humpers? Yeah, he really dropped the journalistic ball. To not acknowledge that Michael Che has called other people dog humpers besides Jack Allison is basically libel. Expect a retraction any minute now!

Jan 21

“Outside of academia or talking points at a bookclub, who cares if he was a racist?”

People with basic intellectual curiosity. 

Jan 21

“Example in point”

What does this mean? Did you mean “case in point”?

“random internet commenter infers personal views”

What are you talking about? 

“Stop trying to read between the lines”

I did the opposite. I pointed to your paragraphs and paragraphs of lines as evidence to the contrary of you “not caring.” 

“I know he’s Read more

Jan 21

I can’t see how your response can really be characterized any other way when it’s a response to an article that answers your questions. Enjoy old art but with a critical lense and knowledge about the author. That’s it. It comes up because he’s popular, and the more his works get used and read, the more people Read more

Jan 21

It was literally made by people who made a boardgame dedicated to his works. So clearly you didn’t read the article and are just baby raging that people think education about their history is important when discussing an author’s works, especially when it’s someone like Lovecraft whose views bled into the work.

Jan 21

1) Stop begging the question about racism-at-large or “does this problematic thing I enjoy make me problematic” because that ain’t what we’re talking about and you know it. Read more

Jan 21

Imagine playing a modern riff of Lovecraft, thinking the idea is pretty cool, then going on to read almost any of his writing. Like, close your eyes and throw a dart at a board picking what to read. Read more

Jan 21

If an artist is racist but a work is not transparently racist, can you separate the art from the artist and enjoy it?

Not really true in Lovecraft’s case, though.

Jan 21

Reread The Call of Cthulu and pay attention to his descriptions of people, you’ll notice that it’s not as separate from his writings as you think. Read more

Jan 18

Jesus this was embarrassing to read. Unbelievably pretentious while also thick-headed towards the role of criticism. Just relax, sir

Jan 17

Eh, it’s a nice experience. You might not have the resources to set up hotpot at home, you might not have an apartment that can really have company over, the restaurant can offer a variety of products that would be a real pain to prepare yourself. 

Jan 17

at least with hot pot it makes sense- you’re dipping the food for such a short period of time to cook it that it wouldn’t work if someone made it in the kitchen and brought it out to you.

Jan 15

a person who was born and raised of another race can just claim to immerse” themselves into another race/culture for “six years”  and all of a sudden be free from criticism from people who were actually raised within that culture/race??

Jan 15

Yeah, that was probably the single most bafflingly bombastic and self-serious trailer I’ve ever seen for a family adventure-comedy.