Chad Kroeger to the rest of the band: NOW IS OUR TIME GUYS. OUR NATION, OUR TIME!
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Matt - you sexy muthfucka. Get in here with your foxy, feminist ass. Read more

It is a stunning example of feminism devouring itself. Read more

I am that person too. I had an acquaintance die of liver failure due to overuse of Tylenol. That stuff is serious. Read more

i went alone last night to fury road. i’m finishing up my graduate degree and i have precisely zero friends - all of my family and my boyfriend live across the country. i get pretty lonely. okay, unbelievably lonely. i went to the Cinebistro up the street from me and ordered a 10oz glass of wine. i’d been really Read more

Wash your mouth out. Dolly Parton! Loretta Lynn! Tammy Wynette! The Dixie Chicks! June Carter! Gillian Welch! Read more

I don’t think they should be harassed and threatened, but misgendering her after her death was not cool. Read more

In college, I had several friends who were raped, some violently, and I subsequently enrolled in Women’s Studies as a second major, specifically sexual violence against women. During my time in college, I met countless women who had been raped, and who had been failed by the police and by the University...I also came Read more

Until all Christians publicly condemn this sort of thing, I will continue to believe all Christians are pedophiles. It's only fair. Read more

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Now I want to make my go to burger. 1) get ground lamb 2)mix with garlic and rosemary 3)make 2 really flat patties 4)sandwich some feta between them, pinch edges together 5) grill alongside red onions 6) set aside cooked burger 7)put split brioche bun on pan with butter and fry 8) assemble burger 9) top with field Read more

yep, i feel you, and yet, the obligation to be empathetic stands. nothing as chill as silence Read more

Katy Perry is like a fart in a mitten. And missy Elliot is a badass bitch. Read more

I doubt that the police officers were Inuit. Read more

I was getting them every other month for about ... 10 years? Started about when I was 15, became the absolute worst when I started having sex around 17, and then just a couple years ago, they finally stopped. I really have no clue why, but I haven't had one since 2012 and the only thing I've changed is drinking more Read more

I have dark black hair. Long dark black hair. But when I was a teenager I was not happy having long dark black hair. However It's hard to lighten black hair when you don't know what you are doing and silly me I thought you could bleach your hair with actual bleach. So I went to the cupboard and got the javex and Read more

But it would look so nice! And would it hurt you to smile, and use a little blush? Read more

Ha! Well, as someone who loves editing, and sees it as a true art form and as storytelling, it can be pretty frustrating if the directors and camera operators aren't detail oriented. I know that's not the answer you're looking for, so I will give you two (possibly obvious) takeaways: Read more