You’re absolutely delusional. There is no scenario in which a white man murders someone with machete in broad daylight and the story is not covered anywhere. I know you know this already, but hey, whatever BS you need to feed yourself to justify wanting stories about murders suppressed if they include an olive-skinned Read more

LOL. Right. Because it’s not like any time a white male commits a violent crime we read a bunch of awful thinkpieces about how “white male toxic masculinity must be addressed.” You’re so full of it.
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Want the truth? Most of the time they are just beating, assaulting, raping, imprisoning, stalking and terrorizing their wives/girlfriends. The police could give a fuck, because hey, it’s just women. But domestic violence is also something you reliably find in the background of murderers/rapists/serial rapists/serial Read more

He should have been deported. Read more