what steam is
9/18/20 2:48PM

It would be great if my brother could watch this livestream, but he can’t because the wifi is spotty IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN!!!!

12/10/19 9:07AM

The blurb up top makes it clear what happened. “The AV Club” is a collection of individuals. Some of them thought the film was pretty good, but enough of them really hated it that it made the list. And now the comment section is going to be dominated by 20-something white guys crying about it.

12/09/19 3:03PM

What? If you think I’m saying that the problem with the trailer is that they’re not mentioning the 2016 movie, you’re completely wrong, and honestly, not too good at reading. Read more

12/09/19 9:52AM

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. This color palette especially isn’t doing it for me. Of course, I love Paul Rudd and I’d be happy to be proven wrong about this movie. Read more

12/09/19 9:25AM

So tonally this trailer is all Super 8/Stranger Things and not even a little bit Ghostbusters.  Read more

8/10/19 6:12PM

I mean this is one way to report on a massive amount of the industry losing their jobs because of a company now having a monopoly 

7/15/19 10:34PM

Ugh. Was afraid of that upon seeing the picture. The thigh-high boots mitigate it a little bit, but it has the same problem Superman's New 52 outfit had, too little color balance. It's even a little worse here because they stupidly refuse to have the yellow in the S-Shield. Should have added the yellow and added in Read more

7/11/19 2:30PM

And what struck me about the animation was the color. Not just because it was animated, but how it set the mood for every scene. I can’t remember another Disney film that used color so well.

- The vibrant reds giving way to the clear sky for “Circle of Life”
- The cheery neons and pastels of “Just Can’t Wait To Be King”
- Read more

7/11/19 12:16PM

I laughed out loud when the page loaded and I saw the grade. This morning I saw the released clip of the “Hakuna Matata” scene and it’s just a disaster. I have to impose an outside, intellectual awareness that the characters on screen are supposed to be singing to understand what’s happening because it’s just not Read more

6/27/19 3:36PM

I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, I get not wanting to go back to the origin well again and all the necessary angst that entails; but on the other hand, it does feel like there’s a center missing here by being so circumspect about it (I think the only allusion to Uncle Ben in Homecoming is when Peter Read more

6/27/19 11:08AM

Those financial maneuverings are the work of a much undervalued member of The Avengers:  Accountor, whose number-crunching superpowers ensure an endless flow of petty cash. 

6/27/19 10:02AM

Tony was only in space for three weeks.
Clint probably still got a salary from S.H.I.E.L.D. - or, as a spy, knew where to get lots of cash (he was killing off drug cartels, and they usually have cash laying around)
We don’t know it was his wife’s cell phone - it could have just as easily been a land-line, and he clearly Read more

6/27/19 9:54AM

“Okay, it’s good that it explains how snapped humans are dealing with missing 5 years of their lives. I’m only interested in this movie because of that.” Read more

6/27/19 9:40AM

The finances of the MCU always bugged me. For example, the globe-trotting 5 years that The Avengers spent post-snap while Tony was in space. How’d they finance that? How did Clint afford to pay his snapped wife’s cell phone bill for 5 years? Read more

6/14/19 4:18PM

The difference, I think, is that we have much more of a shared (and certainly less controversial) consensus on what makes good filmmaking Read more

6/14/19 4:09PM

because art shouldn’t be defined by how it relates to MY politics? Read more

6/14/19 12:53PM

“You don’t think it’s fallacious to judge people by standards that hadn’t been invented yet?” Read more

6/14/19 9:56AM

He does the Number Ones columns over there and they’re some of my favorite things to read every day.  He’s putting in the work.