Oct 21

With the way Hollywood’s brightest stars rushed to coddle Chris Pratt last night, you’d think the actor had been accused of sexual harassment by a D-lister or something Read more

Oct 17

I don’t know how people thought that TFA could have led to any other version of Luke.” Read more

Oct 14

It’s not an S. On my world, it means “hope.”

Oct 13

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think Michael Myers is boring. Any interesting qualities he had disappeared by the 5th or 6th unnecessary sequel/reboot. I would be far more interested in a Halloween film series which explores supernatural stories with different settings, cultures and characters.

Oct 12

Wasn’t that more of a book thing were Ellie was actually his Grad Student? (Which might actually make everything kind of creepier, actually)
In Jurassic Park the movie, it always seemed clear they were a couple.

Oct 7

Am I the only one who was disappointed that “Serenity Now” is a spiderman movie and not a secret sequel to Firefly and Serenity?

Oct 6

It really is a goddamn shame we’ll likely never see his Deathstroke again. That casting was absolute perfection and he would have killed against Batffleck, alas...all squandered because no one at WB knew what the fuck they were doing.

Oct 6

He slept with an underage girl, younger than his children, to get her to help him murder some other children.

Oct 5

The sad thing is, I think Schwarzenegger could have been a really good Freeze, with different writing and different direction. Read more

Oct 5

I don’t know. When I read harbinger my mind immediately jumped to Galactus.

Oct 1

What I really want to know: is Ryan Choi actually happening, or were we meant to just Crisis him out of our brains?

Sep 30

Firestarter doesn’t need a remake, it needs a real-time sequel. Bring Drew back, and take it up with her still on the run from the Shop. She learns that there are other descendants of LOT-6, with unique abilities, and they find each-other and work to dismantle the Shop for good. Read more

Sep 24

Marvel don’t have the license for Rom any more, only the other Space Knights that they created. IDW currently have the rights to Rom himself (they’re in the middle of publishing a Rom: Dire Wraiths miniseries right now).

Sep 24

God I remember laughing so damn hard the first time I saw Chicken Boo back in the 90s.

Sep 23

Video shows it was self defense. Just because you are “offended” by my right to bear arms at one of your little “terror rallies” doesn’t give you ANY right whatsoever to either assault or try to take my weapon. And that’s exactly what happened in this case based on 3 separate videos, but you triggered snowflakes can’t Read more