It looks like it's lost the massive greenhouse of previous Fits? Read more

1st gen Fit Sport owner: I think the Bolt looks better than the new Fit does. I quite liked the 3rd gen Fit style, and the current CR-V too, but I am disappointed in the style of the new Fit. Read more

Posting days late here in support of your reasonable take. I’m 6 years older than Lorde and I still didn’t remember Whitney died in a bathtub; I thought she OD’d. Read more

Same deal with most of the microbrewery taprooms in the Midwest I’ve been to. (Which, yes, usually have a small shelf of liquor as well, so... officially bars, right?) Read more

To be fair, “expensive noisemaker” (sometimes coupled with nice handling) is the primary motivation for the purchase of lots of sports cars/bikes. Read more

Bet you could get 4000 Bells for that. Read more

So basically any even 10 above 20 may be misheard as a -teen? I guess it’s not the hardest problem to work around. Read more

Some road rage karma near my house this week: two people simultaneously passed traffic on the two shoulders of a two-lane divided highway. They then proceeded to hit each other, causing a wreck in which one of them, not wearing a seatbelt, crossed the median and hit an oncoming semi. Read more

This is the right answer - well under $7000, very nice manual transmission, and plenty of space in the back for drums. The rear passenger entries are large enough to help with loading, too. Read more

While I sort of understand why they do that, for retail displays - I think people are conditioned to think that if there’s a sticker bragging about a feature, it must be special - my pet peeve is people who leave the dang stickers on there for the life of the computer! Just... why? Read more

Skullcandy style are my problem, yes. Ones that go into your ear canal. I don’t have a problem with professional stage in-ears, but every Bluetooth pair I’ve tried (haven’t tried Jaybirds or Sony’s and Bose’s offerings, to be fair), fit uncomfortably to painfully. It seems like most designs don’t allow enough tip Read more

My issue is the lack of Bluetooth earbuds - not in-ears, earbuds. I find (non-professional) in-ears to be uncomfortable, and I generally want to hear what’s around me. I’m not aware of any besides Apple’s AirPods and Google’s Pixel Buds.
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To say it a different way, it’s like a speaker or camera module that isn’t allowed to work with third-party music and camera apps.
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Counterpoints (I swear I’m not trying to be a dick, but the best gear for a person is so subjective): Read more

Took a Junebug to the forehead on the highway, luckily being deflected upward by the fairing instead of straight on. Quit riding without a helmet that day. Read more

Came here to wonder this too. I’m guessing there is some confusion about what the smallest size, higher effort cog is called. Read more

I’m not expecting any replies to this post, 3 days late, but I keep thinking... everyone is saying this is “the first time” the general public could attend. I swear I remember that, a few years ago, there was a big outcry because E3 started limiting attendance to industry reps. I’m surprised I haven’t seen Kotaku make Read more

For that $400 price or less, there are several established brands (State, Tribe, etc.) which offer styles ranging from relaxed to sporty, shipped to your door flatpacked in a higher state of assembly than that IKEA kit. Read more

Thanks (and thanks to the others) for mentioning the100. I’d never heard of it before but it’s given me hope of actually getting to experience the raids I’ve missed out on! Read more