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Hello, Yes that would be wonderful. If you have an email you’re comfortable sharing here i can message you there. Read more

Would you be okay with me using your story for a podcast called Keep It Weird? If you don’t answer or say no I won’t use it, but this is very fun and spooky. I can also send you the episode if you like (it’s behind a paywall so you can’t listen for free) if you’d like. And if you do want it in the episode, do you want Read more

ESPECIALLY since they knew she was telling the truth! Parents really are so obtuse sometimes.  Read more

well don’t feel too bad, you did the best you could at the time. Read more

thanks. yeah, pretty intense. LOL. Read more

Agreed. I DO NOT understand how parents will let their kids stay in rooms that are TERRIFYING them. And especially when they have some personal experience with it. I’m actually stuck with my girls sleeping in the same bed with me lol because my husband and I both had terrifying experiences in our previous house and Read more

Yeah, they aren’t cool. Trust me, that home was abusive in more ways than one. The real horror story is when my mother had a psychotic break and my alcoholic father decided instead of taking her to the hospital he needed to drink at the bar. He gave me a gun and told me to shoot her if she tried to kill me, then Read more

yeah this is actually one of my more digestible brushes with death lol Read more

hahah thanks. yeah my mom and dad pretty much were characters straight out of a movie. Read more

thanks. yeah i think that house had a lot of stories :) Read more

thank you. yeah there’s some spooky shit in the corn :) Read more

I’m from a small farm town outside of Chicago and the creepiest shit happens to folks I know from that area. Great story! Read more

I said the same thing after reading this story! Read more

Your parents sound not cool. Not cool at all. If my kids every told me they saw shit like that, I would be all over it.
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Movie producers, this is the one you want. Read more

This happened when I was around seven and living in a small farm town outside of Chicago. Each night I’d go to bed and from the ceiling above me a little girl, in the shape of a shadow, would watch me. I recall she had this curly untamed hair and no facial features, but she definitely read as a little girl around my Read more