May 31 2017

Yeah, that darny darn Japanese driver, winning the the Indy 500 on Memorial Day. Shame on him for coming from a country who has been our ally for over 70 years. How dare he signify the peace between Japan and America that our soldiers and sailors fought to regain? Read more

May 22 2017

I can’t speak to the U.K., but there are approximately 3.5 million Muslims living here in the United States. If the problem was Muslims, just Muslims in general, we would have been well and truly fucked years ago.

May 22 2017

Imagine what a dumb, worthless piece of shit you’d have to be to tweet something like this at a time like this.

May 18 2017

If only we could find a car we knew his son would think is cool, that’s also fast and has a reliable toyota engine. How will we ever dream up such a car.

May 9 2017

Postings like this are probably why it is good I don’t have F you money. I’d have a garage full of Subaru Brats, odd gigantic barge wagons from the 70's, a 90's Roadmaster Estate with a big block swap for no reason, obscure Mazdas, a Nissan Figaro, and probably a diesel Mitsu Delica star wagon for good measure. Jay Read more

May 8 2017

You caught me. I didn’t actually have one. My grandfather warned me not to get one. He said they were too full of electrical Kremlins.

May 8 2017

I had one of these. It was the worst car ever. It just kept Stalin.

Apr 20 2017

Let this mustachioed dad teach you the wonders of the drag Maxima