I don’t know the status of Biden’s infrastructure bill, but these truck vs. bridge/overpass collisions seem to be awfully effective at getting overdue repair work happening.

If Montenegro builds a highway to Mont Blanc, what would you see along the way? Read more

Spoken just like a bear, getting our guard down…

Probably more mad that Maserati did even before McLaren

Koenigsegg is the visionary Musk pretends to be on his best days.

Shit, just run them on Meth and Indiana will be the wealthiest place on Earth.

When you see me rolling up in this, you know what’s about to happen. I’m about to open the door, and saunter out in my baggy track suit wearing house shoes. I’m here to watch the local co-eds play some volleyball while I eat a concession stand corn dog. Read more

lmao its hilarious how you missed his entire point but you still sarcastically repeated what he said from a high horse as if you actually know what he’s trying to say. shut up man haha

That’s... not how anything works. 

Add to that it’s on the Jag XJ-S platform which is almost 40 years old.

This is why when my dog ran in 2020 he advocated for Veticare for all.

YO! We heard you likes bridges so we built a bridge... on top of your bridge!

I once traded Legumes for a telescope.

Caffeine and Carburetors in New Canaan. In The Before Times they ran shows 4x a year (usually April, May, September, October). Read more

Sigh.  The 8C is everything.