They’re out there but they’re $35k because everyone wants that

The 6MT coupes run about $18-25k and are relatively robust mechanically. The 6MT spyders are pretty rare and start around $25k for a no-stories, moderately well maintained driver, and just go up from there.

If this car needs and gets $10,000 in work, it will certainly be more than $14k. If you drive it into the ground and don’t fix/maintain anything, it will certainly be less. Budgeting $1-2k a year to be out of pocket in depreciation, maintenance, or net restoration costs is probably a reasonable expectation, which Read more

Tough call. Thorough PPI needed with a clutch readout. The general consensus is any cambiocorsa for sale under 20 needs a clutch and F1 pump (bout $6-7k), but also, if you put it in sport mode and lift for shifts the new ones can both last 40-50k. This is a dry clutch automated manual and not a DCT, so treat it like a Read more

I also cannot stand Honda’s infotainment and steering wheel controls

Max has the option of braking later because he was on the outside of a high-speed turn and could still make the apex, cmon man this is basics

Forcing a driver to surrender their lead because someone else is a bad driver is the antithesis to racing. I don’t give two shits about Max or Hamilton or RBR or Mercedes, it’s just car racing to me. But saying Max had an obligation to avoid him is like driving past a car in the left shoulder with its trunk smashed int Read more

I’m not gonna pretend to have watched every F1 race since the dawn of time, but my view on it was Max had better track position, was further ahead, and could complete the corner in a manner consistent with a pretty standard racing line. Hamilton can’t say any of those things. A reasonable spectator would look at both Read more

Wow they really straight up ripped me off there

Not sure why they’re tearing it down, now that the road is closed just hit it with a truck going the other direction

“Unprofitable company in dying industry attempts to make nominal sums of money, customers outraged they can’t be ripped off by scalpers”

NP but not collectible. These and the RX300 were some of what ushered in the advent of crossover hell. Regardless of capabilities, they were purchased as “anything but a minivan” substitutes, and to serious collectors that’s all they’ll be remembered for. You can tout its intentions all you want but you’re not getting Read more

I spent 10 years practicing forensic structural engineering, and read the report you mentioned, which said basically none of these things. “Potential for decay” is not remotely the same as threat of imminent collapse. There was nothing in the report that suggested water ingress came from anything other than a swimming Read more

Buy the seller, not the car. NP

The 8c is a no brainer, the 4c could go either way. If they sold it in manual it would be a classic already. But they sold dozens of amazing F1/DCT cars, and a lot are still on the way down. They can’t all come back up. 

They did say carbon neutral, because not even god can claim to produce entropy-neutral power. Even the Flintstones weren’t entropy neutral.

Saying the S3 is comparable to an ILX is like saying a fiesta ST competes with a corvette

It’s really hard to argue a front bias Haldex AWD system is a true sports car. It’s almost more like a rally car. I have a RX8 as my weekend car, and that’s a real sports car next to the S3. I love both of my sons but the Mazda is the sports kid. Read more