No, I don't thank you for the fish at all
1:06 PM

Given how Boeing had three big wins in a row (which is unusual to say the least) and that Trump has made big deals about Boeing-related topics on Twitter, and also given that Trump is Trump, I smell typical massive political corruption being the main reason for Boeing’s wins.

3:53 PM

Who the heck do they assign to be the poor schmucks to do this? Do they actually have a bevy of volunteers lining up or is it like, “ok, you look like the most expendable/most intern-y, if you want to keep buying food, you’re up”?

11:59 AM

Patronizing attitude? Bizarre insistence that somehow you and your opinions reflect true free will, even though this is an automatic contradiction if it’s the only “correct” choice? Insistent that I somehow fear free will? Read more

12:53 PM

Wow it’s almost as if auto journalism has become suddenly universally shitty since say 2016 between the white male liberal privilege outrage on Jalopnik (yes it’s a thing and that’s not a contradiction, this very article is an example) and the “huehue you’re gray!” obsessed morons in the comments section (yes I’m Read more

2:53 PM

I can’t wait to read the Motor Trend review where they say it’s a sign that Hyundai is up and coming, and then again during the COTY contest where they say that it has vague handling and road feel (whatever the fuck that’s even supposed to mean) and file under “2019 COTY Contenders” #MotorTrended

1:58 PM

Clickbait state maps that try to lump an entire state’s population for the sole and expressed purpose of shaming them is the lowest form of clickbait, and why Gawker lost to the Hulkster. Also, I wish I was a citizen of the People’s Republic of China, because unlike being an American being in the PRC is without “I’m Read more

8:47 PM

Just to clarify, again, I genuinely hope no harm befalls upon you or your loved ones ever. But that still doesn’t mean you’re an absolute, utter sanctimonious fucking piece of holier-than-thou shit. Wow, how the fuck you’re still in a moderator position? I hate you. I really hate you. I have no problem comparing you Read more

8:41 PM

Hey guess what Paul, YOU’RE A REAL PIECE OF UTTER SHIT. That’s a fact. Fucking stalking me and trying to “correct me” and I try my best but I guess that’s not good enough so you ban me. That’s fine, you know why? Because FUCK YOU, because you’re a real piece of shit. Read more

8:38 PM

You’re the fucking reason why Trump won. Chasing away all your “allies” so that the alt-right can vaccuum them all up, and too many of the left being like you. Hope you’re happy with yourself and the way Trump and his goons are rolling back LGBT rights as fast as they can.

12:31 AM

Dunno about car colors but pretty sure the worst writer in Gawker history is you Drew, right there in front of “guy who wrote that story that got Hulk Hogan to sue Gawker”

9:58 AM

The obvious conclusion: the experiment is a goddamn fucking shit-fire failure. I for one welcome our new European/Russian overlords when we reduce ourselves to a third-world anarchist state that’s basically an overgrown, white-dominated English-speaking version of Somalia.