Aug 15 2018

I’m still mad that they never got to produce the KITT episode they talk about on the commentary. I don’t remember the exact idea, but basically Randall somehow finds KITT from Knightrider and starts using him as a car and becomes friend with him. But then KITT gets jealous of his friendship with Dante and winds up Read more

Sep 17 2017

The only yellow/house/Victorian thing I can think of is “The Yellow Wallpaper,” but I don’t know what that has to do with a drink.

Sep 5 2017

I liked Brave’s original title of The Bear and the Bow. I know it’s a little on-the-nose, but it’s less generic than what they ended up going with.

Aug 24 2017

Please tell me this is a test with no people involved. God damn it the horror...

Aug 24 2017

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, wheeeeeeeeeee ...

Aug 20 2017

I think it would have been really cool if Sela had been the villain. It would have even given Data’s death some kind of weight, given his connection to Tasha.

Aug 12 2017

I have the reverse issue - I can’t comment on Kotaku from my desktop, but my phone works just fine. *shrug* Kinja gonna Kinja...

Aug 11 2017

Interesting concept, less interesting execution. The VFX were very distracting.

Aug 3 2017

I prefer to think that Harley is not in her right mind when with Joker, and I basically see her arc as one of addiction, not at all of love. The Joker is basically heroin and cocaine and meth combined and he’s ruined her life over and over again. Harley gets clean, she relapses, she gets clean again, she relapses. Read more