Jan 23 2019

With all the previous Superman actors and callbacks they’ve had on this show, it would be amazing if they went the comics route of Luthor cloning himself, just so Cryer could claim to be Luthor’s nephew.

Jan 14 2019

It’s 60% delivery, 25% direction, and 15% editing. It wasn’t supposed to be a big ominous buildup to a punchline, it was supposed to be a throw away line more akin to “looks clear” from Pitch Black. 

Aug 5 2018

I think the first half-season should be before the... Incident? Slaughter? Virus? Have a full cast, focus on the men, make viewers invested in those relationships and that drama and then just DEAD. Nothing after. Read more

Jul 17 2018

I’ve never understood why actors have to be American (or non-American) in an original piece. Like, why did Smith HAVE to be American, but Dormer didn’t?

Oct 21 2017

It should have four monitors playing simultaneously. Multiple routes to play where you can go your own route (sewer, street, or rooftop) or go with another turtle, and you can always team up to fight the boss wherever they are. Read more

Sep 30 2017

I know I’m late to the party, but how amazing would it be if their future plans retroactively made MoS, BvS, and SS all AMAZING films because of how they were integrated in to the narrative??

Sep 20 2017

I don’t know how it is in Canada, but if I go to a movie here in Arizona, if the movie says it starts at 7:35, the movie trailers start at 7:35, then two theatre commercials (the brand and the concession stand), then the movie starts. Typically ten minutes past, never more than fifteen. Allowing the last-minute-comers Read more

Sep 17 2017

I’m still confused on *why* this is set before Kirk. There is still so much to mine in the original timeline, plus you’re not tethered to what comes after it, and you can use the real life technological advancements in your arsenal without having to explain why it wasn’t in TOS.

Sep 5 2017

That movie feels like it’s missing about 10-15 minutes of a subplot with the brothers. It’s just too straightforward and direct for a Pixar movie: there’s no B plot and there’s little subtext.