11:35 PM

That, I can confirm. I ran through a boss fight twice, once solo and once in a party of three. When I was running solo I managed to scrape through hit got SLAUGHTERED on the co-op. It doesn't help that the game scales to the highest level player. But other times when it hits the right notes it's the perfect challenge Read more

11:33 PM

Literally bought this game because they said it had offline play - as in, not needing an internet connection - as that's such a rarity nowadays. So far I’m absolutely loving the game. It manages to make the two weapon, primary-and-pistol gunplay feel great while also mixing in the melee combat thay feels extremely Read more

10:39 AM

Pretty much the only thing that I can say is missing from Awakening is shipping characters outside of the MC and having children. Other than that this game pretty much has the full package and then some. Especially the support conversations, which are excellently written and some even have relations to the story and lo Read more

9:39 PM

It’s a muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better game than the previous entries. A big part of that is the nearly completely overhauled combat system (which kind of baffles me that many reviewers describe it as “the same Fire Emblem combat we know and love” despite showing me the changes from the get-go). I loved Awakening but to be Read more

1:28 AM

Did it involve the “camera” as a playable character? Honestly I’ve only seen Astrobot’s review because I was bingewatching on YouTube so I wouldn’t know, my bad.

1:15 AM

You do realize that while Steam’s success has propelled it to heights that are basically a monopoly, what Epic is doing is actively seeking a monopoly, right? For all the shit Steam has been doing lately, it has never once gone out of its way to shut down competition in the marketplace; it had only ever been a Read more

10:28 PM

To be fair as far as Astrobot is concerned it was built from the ground up with third person mind to the point where the camera IS the player character in first person. It’s super ingenius, but also I don’t know how much fun other third person VR games would actually be.

10:21 AM

It’s not the price that’s the issue. Whether it’s $20, $200, or even $2, the issue is the prospect of paying for what is essentially nothing. There’s really nothing on offer on Nintendo’s Online that justifies it being a subscription service, as most of the stuff that is on the service is stuff that should be Read more

10:15 AM

Twitch Prime in my case, they had an offer a few days back that might still be applicable.

12:29 AM

Slight update, I actually tried the online mode for the NES games. It... wasn’t good. At all. Not even remotely playable from the sheer lag in ways no other games do. Granted none of these games were designed for it, but it’s another strike against it as it was a major selling point.

11:11 PM

I’ve recently picked up the free Nintendo Online that came with already being subscribed to another service and... I’m glad I didn’t actually pay for it. I find it unbelievably hard to justify paying monthly for what Nintendo Online is offering even if it is only a fraction of the price it is on other consoles. I’m Read more

12:31 AM

Not that this is necessarily new, but no, this is the polar opposite of competition: it’s monopoly. Or at least that’s what they’re trying to accomplish.
Read more

5:18 PM

It’s not even really a question of single player vs multiplayer. Their games were ambitious before so they could get away with serious glitches because it was understandable, but games finally caught up to their level of scope and Bethesda couldn’t even get what was essentially a multiplayer mod to Fallout 4 to Read more

5:34 PM

Well there's a number of reasons for it: one, it's a secret identity, so he doesn't have to keep up appearances, two, it's from the perspective of a kid, so Billy would see his own behavior far more normal than he would see an adult acting like Billy, and three, he's probably just crazy hyped when he transforms. I Read more

5:17 PM

I had to cheese that fight with Belmont and up-special / axe throw combo across the ship's top fin. It took me forever to get the dice to roll in my favour but it was the only thing that worked.

12:42 AM

Keyword being “in the past.” Lately, though, they’ve been highly anti-consumer and anti-developer to almost parodical degrees for years on end. Epic, on the other hand, has actually been making decent decisions on the part of its customers, most notably offering a full refund to all players of Paragon when they shut Read more

9:49 AM

As someone who was very bummed by the lack of some Subspace Emissary mode in 4, lacking it in Ultimate is a harsh sting. But I can at least see why they didn’t do it; with the sheer number of characters and stages it either would have been very time consuming, or otherwise killer on the file size. Read more

1:50 AM

To be fair, people have been entertaining the idea of a multiplayer Fallout for years, I imagine they were willing to take anything they could get their hands on.