Not A Snort
Oct 31 2016

Am I the only one who thinks Mariah seems more like an adult baby than a “Queen”?

Aug 30 2016

Maybe she thinks nobody loves her, everybody hates her and she might as well go eat worms?

Aug 17 2016

Rape jokes can absolutely be funny — and they can be pretty damned feminist, as well, as this article illustrates so neatly. Read more

Aug 12 2016

A group of my friends were inconsolably butt-hurt when I refused to buy in to a cruise vacation with them TWO FUCKING YEARS in advance. I told them I wanted to wait because, you know, a lot of shit can happen in two years. They ended up on a boat with a listeria outbreak.

Aug 11 2016

In my opinion and experience, that soft “Hey” is a gentle, tentative expression of the joy of discovering each other in this uniquely intimate way. I find it adorable and return it, as in the concluding paragraph here. Read more

Aug 10 2016

Here I should clarify that I despise coyness and code-speak and that if you ask me whether I “party” the answer will be “not with you”

Aug 9 2016

Man it’s really a shame you couldn’t have captured the act on camera then posted that video on here.

Aug 4 2016

Mayers’ bathroom break strategy caught up to her once she took the job at Yahoo! as she immediately proceeded to shit all over it.

Jul 24 2016

With that kind of attitude from Rio’s mayor, I doubt that Australia, the UK, or New Zealand will share their common wealth with him.

Jul 5 2016

I can’t wait for GTA VI:Rio. You can either kill a bunch a people or try for a gold medal in kayaking.

Jul 5 2016

Well God’s wrath had to go somewhere now that He’s cool with Cleveland.

Oct 7 2009

@gaiking: No, they arrived in a giant box shaped like an erect penis with my photo taped to the head.