I used to live in Normal and drove about 45 minutes each way to work.  You’re absolutely right. Read more

If Costco truly cared about us they’d bring back the hand dipped ice cream bars.   Read more

Zassy is an absolute nothing.  He’s rather put 90 day fiancee on HBO then to produce actually beloved content.  I am confused and befuddled by his continued allowance to run WB Discovery or whatever its called this week.  Just a zero of a human. Read more

I used to manage a movie theater that started out serving Coke, then moved to Pepsi. For each unit of soda sold, we would get a discount on future purchases, OR a year end refund. The goals were low so every year we served either Coke or Pepsi, it basically became free. Also, a lot of mom and pop shops use companies Read more

Every time Hunter comes on screen my family all yells “FREDO”.  I’m sure he’s a great person with a lot going on, but TV shouldn’t be one of them.  I hope he finds his way out there. Read more

Looks like a Transformer halfway between car and robot Read more

Moved out to the west coast 3 years ago.  We miss Imos so much we have it shipped from Goldbelly for the holidays.  I know a lot hate it, but those of us who love it, love it unconditionally and whole heartedly.   Read more

Popcorn should be eaten as soon as you sit down.  That is when it is warmest.  Waiting only makes the corn less poppy, and more a mushy stale experience.  Hot buttery popcorn is a freakin delight.  Treat it with respect.  Also you have to say buttery because most theaters use a butter like substance instead of the Read more

Yeah, I’m sure the Russians are seeking the high ground while simultaneously killing men women and children indiscriminately. There are no rules in war. Legitimately grow the F up. Innocents are dying, F your morality Read more

Yeah thats a bullshit statement. Most of us don’t give a fuck what you’re looking at until you bring in some bullshit virus because you’re a moron. Unless there is reason to investigate we generally have more and better things to do.  You keep being an insulting douchebag though.   Read more

Too bad how a company behaves directly affects how myself and many others do business with them.  In N Out doesn’t pay that much more than other joints.  So maybe instead of making snarky comments behind a screen you just shut up?  I KNOW, SHOCKING HOW THE WORLD GIVES ZERO SHITS FOR YOUR THOUGHTS. Read more

At the very least can we refer to the murderer as “Serial Killer Kyle Rittenhouse” going forward? Read more

Is there a good mesh network that isn’t owned by evil megacompany. I don’t want to be forced in to one environment or another. Read more


Haven’t read the article (YET) but that is a top notch headline. Read more

I figure a solid reboot will get to chapterhouse and beyond.  My biggest hope is that they do a lot of the backstory and lore on HBO max as periodic tv series like the MCU is doing over on Disney+.  Dune has the ability to really become a hallmark of quality sci fi for the streaming service. Read more

The sandworms have teeth in the book.  Its how the Fremen make their cris knives.   Read more

Watched Tomorrow War last night.  Really enjoyed it besides the fact they stole from about every sci fi movie ever.   Read more