Saturday 6:18PM

Yeah, that’s one of the problems—what they like. The buggers will starve rather than eat something they find unappealing. Apparently the hydrolyzed protein is the best for them, but almost no cats like the wet food version of it (and I don’t blame them—it’s the cat food version of a jello salad whipped with mayo). We Read more

Friday 5:45PM

Plastic. All day, every day, when I forget and leave any thing wrapped in plastic around for him to chew on. He does eat it, too, which results in lots of frustrating messes to clean up. His favorite plastic is the toilet paper wrap, which he only gets to when I forget to firmly shut all bathroom doors. Read more

Friday 10:29AM

I probably should. You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t eat this whole cake myself, and sent it with my kids to a sleepover party so it could be other parents’ problem. 

Wednesday 8:37PM

He’s getting old, so I gradually tried mixing his usual dry food with a senior formula (and he would eat it if we’re not around). Luckily, he’s not drooling so I don’t think it’s dental. It might be that we’ve been both here throughout the winter and when we both got sick, so kitty had me or my boyfriend feed him. Read more

Wednesday 4:17PM

My cat stopped eating his dry food back in March and will complain after he licks the gravy from his wet food. Before the pandemic and being switched to work from home, I would give him a can of wet food and leave a bowl of dry to graze on. So it's something I have to figure out before I go back. Read more

Wednesday 1:30PM

If she would have miscarried SHE would probably be charged with felony murder since you know, Arkansas.

Tuesday 3:35PM

this smells, not of dead body, but of funny money.  Dirty money getting a bath in a Rolls.

6/07/21 2:05PM

Love always wins. Just remember that, o American bigots. Plus, hello, the LGBT community is fucking powerful - we have the unicorns on our side, and the gay agenda is planned and built by our lesbian cohorts (so you know that shit works). Face it: we’re armed with fabulousness and you’ve only got Hot Pockets and Read more

6/03/21 9:54AM

umm, you fail to understand what news is in 2021. The news industry isnt about news. Its about creating a product that garners enough eyeballs to be able to sell ad space. Its all about selling ads. Its about money. Read more

6/02/21 2:25PM

Goddammit people, this is literally why we can’t have nice things.

6/01/21 1:20PM

Its the benifits thing, its usually cheaper to pay someone OT, even if the hours are crazy, then to hire 2 workers and have to pay them both benefits.

6/01/21 12:44PM

This is the correct answer. There is no good airport food.* There is bad airport food and there is fine airport food. There may also be a decent upscale restaurant in an airport, but I’m not going there because I don’t have an expense account and I’m sure as hell not going to pay $22 for spaghetti at SFO’s Mustards Read more

5/27/21 10:51AM

Most proud of myself? I mostly held it together. My husband and I still like each other, I stayed close to most of my friends, I kept modestly active and I got a new job a month after getting laid off, which is still pretty amazing.