Today 1:41PM

For sure, off-brand meeting / conference / office / hotel room coffee that comes in pre-measured portions suitable for (proprietary) brewing systems is its own category of coffee. It’s either better than average, or utter swill.

Yesterday 7:52PM

“Vehicle used for work” doesn’t mean the car you use to get to work — it means a vehicle that is used to perform work. If you’re an Uber driver, your car will be exempt, but if you’re a store clerk, it won’t be.

Yesterday 2:11PM

What is immoral about a union representing its members in a negotiation with an employer?

Yesterday 1:45PM

You, too, would do drugs if you had to live in Utica, New York.

Yesterday 1:28PM

Certainly that’s one of the cuter dark beasts to crawl out of a dark Scottish loch.

Yesterday 1:13PM

For those who can’t hear the dog whistle, this is Ronnie Raygun’s “Welfare Queen” mythos coming back from the shit-heap of history. Read more

Sunday 6:08PM

Trail mix or nuts, M&Ms, fruit like grapes or cherries or pre-segmented citrus or apples, protein bars, cheese sticks, and peanut butter crackers. The hard part of road-trip snacking is getting enough protein and not overdoing the salt. As for drinks, coffee in the morning, then water and Cherry Coke Zero if I think Read more

Saturday 4:28PM

One of my old girls had inflammatory bowel disease, and between the prescription diet and some medication, she lived a good number of years. Ultimately I couldn’t feed her anything other than prescription rabbit-formula wet food. She was reactive to the venison formula; she could eat the duck formula and the Read more

Saturday 10:09AM

My two are new-to-me as of the end of April, ages 8 and 12.5, and so far they don’t seem to be reactive to human food. They are, however, reactive to me walking into the kitchen. If I’m in the kitchen, obviously I’m there to prepare food for them — I couldn’t possibly be getting a drink or a snack, or God forbid Read more

Friday 12:20PM

No, but I bet their septic tanks get great 5G reception now...

Friday 11:18AM

It’s worse in some places than others. I can yap and find replies from notifications just fine here but I can’t even open the comments on articles shared from Lifehacker. I mean, I get breaking kinja -- GMG seems to hand out bonuses for that good job -- but breaking it in different ways on different sites? That takes Read more

Friday 10:56AM

And apparently Robicelli truly is a professional, as she made this for a sleepover at another parent’s house! That is a parenting masterstroke.

Friday 10:01AM

This sounds like it would be fun for a kid’s movie-themed birthday party, especially if it was not a sleepover and you could hand the hyped-up little monsters back to their parents just as the sugar high was peaking. Read more

Thursday 8:24PM

I’m sure you’re right. I happen to drive a Chrysler that’s put up a CEL that was cleared with a new gas cap and a reset, and a warning that I’m going to need to have the EVAP system worked on sooner or later. Suffice to say I have a difficult relationship with that car, for a wide range of reasons.

Thursday 6:44PM

The OP has demonstrated that he has poor vehicle-selection skills, and someone suggested a Land Rover? This seems reckless to the point of being actionable.

Thursday 6:17PM

Can confirm, Chryslers will throw a CEL for gas cap shenanigans, and for intermitted EVAP problems that don’t impact the vehicle’s operation but are spendy to fix.

Thursday 4:08PM

Mostly I was thinking of juicing citrus by hand, but all of the above is also an acceptable answer.

Thursday 2:35PM

Maybe I’m just ancient, but this feels like the kind of life skill one should have acquired before reaching the prime marriage years.

Thursday 12:53PM

I don’t know about ridiculous, but it sounds like you throw one hell of a dinner party. Yum!