Norm Charlatan
Oct 17 2019

If you happen to know which player was supposed to give this sweaty turd his basketball, let us know.

Sep 24 2019

Yep. So when someone calls Gladwell out on his bullshit, he can safely retreat to Heyi’mjustaskingquestionsland.

Jul 23 2019

What many people don’t realize is he didn’t play much last year as an act of protest, raising critical awareness of widespread tampering among players, agents, and front offices. It’s not the first time he’s done something like this, either. During the first 15 seasons of his career, he protested league policies on Read more

Jun 11 2019

They went from 26th-ish in passes under Jackson to 1st under Kerr, mainly because Kerr wasn’t dumb enough to have half his offensive playcalls be “let Harrison Barnes go 1-on-1 on the wing”

Nov 16 2018

They play at the Bills and Packers in December. Both will probably be cold AF, but the priorty should be winning the games in front of you instead of looking ahead. I’m sure there will be other chances to practice in the snow closer to those actual games. Read more

Aug 8 2018

he just wanted to make sure there weren’t any slip-ups

Aug 7 2018

But hold on... if you watch the replay slowly, and focus on the legs, you can see... riiiiight there.

The mantis is clearly kneeling. During the anthem.



Jul 25 2018

You ought hear these people scream about the PFDs, it’s fucking insane. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT GIVING ME AS MUCH FREE MONEY AS LAST YEAR?!?”, all from lifelong small government Republicans who voted for trump and bemoan the evils of socialism, of course. (I live in Alaska, if that wasn't clear) 

May 9 2018

As a former employee at a graduate school, this is more right than you even know. And add in the fact that they spend their days plotting and planning one lateral move after another, because in higher ed, there is very little opportunity to move up, you can only move sideways. My former boss actually told me one Read more