11/25/20 3:16PM

Aside from Trump, no one in the gang irritates me more than the Kushners. People spend years in school and then working in and out of government to become experts on various issues so that they might one day advise a president. The Kushners? Nah. Whatever. They’ll just cocktail-party it. And the demonstrable fact that Read more

6/12/20 11:28AM

I also like that they have set up a romance for her and Happy.

6/12/20 10:11AM

I’d watch her in just about any role. She’s luminous. I do enjoy her as Aunt May & the awkward comments from Tony Stark about Aunt May were pretty funny. Especially because I remember liking Only You, in 1994 when it came out. Read more

4/20/20 2:36AM

I can’t remember a time where I fell off of two HBO shows so quickly (Avenue 5, Run). Love the cast, but the plot doesn’t do anything for me. Enjoy, friends. 

3/06/20 5:29PM

But he’s got vision, and definitely doesn’t make the same film of a stand in of himself fucking far younger, at times barely legal, women who are typically “damaged” in some way over and over and over and over...

3/05/20 4:16PM

It’s inexplicable because she radiates absolute, total insincerity at all times except when she’s tearing into Buttigieg. Read more

2/26/20 11:56AM

My point is that our boy out there is regretting consequences of his actions that impacted him, but no mention of the impact his actions actually had on his family.

2/26/20 11:38AM

Maybe best if he’d be out there publicly regretting his gambling, his fucking around, his addictions and just stfu about his ex. He’s trying to mind fuck and manipulate the situation again.

2/25/20 9:50AM

If you need comedy, you ain’t gonna find it anywhere near Pete Davidson.

2/14/20 5:44PM

When they have to carry my ass out of my living room with a crane, it’ll be YOUR fault!

2/11/20 12:56PM

The Royals are no better than the rest of us. when it comes to marriage it appears.   FIFY! 

1/26/20 4:41PM

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU, one can be sad for his daughter, and still feel no sympathy for the son of a bitch?

12/23/19 1:52PM

Almost every outfit not just awful but entirely Too Much for the occasion/ others around her.  It’s not like you expect restraint from a Trump, but yeesh.