3/08/16 9:43AM

I’m not really seeing how any of them seemed particularly mad. Snarky maybe, but I don’t think Bette Middler gives the slightest fuck. She was making a (pretty funny imho) joke. Piers sucks. I wouldn’t have even known Chloe was talking about Kim, was there another tweet that was more clearly connected? Either way all Read more

3/08/16 9:30AM

The daughter’s response was far more gracious that her creepy dirtbag dad deserves. Read more

3/08/16 9:21AM

Every time another “HERR DERR MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER’S UNSULLIED VAGINA” article comes out, I’m a little more grateful for my dad, who has refrained from being concerned about the status of my hymen for my entire adult-who's-able-to-willingly-consent life. Bravo, Dad. You the real MVP.

3/08/16 9:16AM

I can’t believe I let my subscription and my faith lapse.

3/07/16 10:16PM

Yeah comments like, “she really is going through a lot to be pregnant” don’t bother me because obviously, it’s true. Value judgments such as “it’s not worth it” annoy the shit out of me.

3/07/16 10:02PM

Pretty sure she plans on keeping the kid for the rest of her life and it will impact her day to day life. And the experience of pregnancy. They may not be equivalent, but there’s probably a lot of women out there who would get a uterus transplant but wouldn’t get a hand transplant.

3/07/16 8:11PM

What bothers me is that somehow this situation makes otherwise liberal minded women feel the need to get all judgy about other women’s reproductive choices. BECAUSE PEOPLE JUDGING WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES ALWAYS WORKS OUT SO WELL FOR US.

3/07/16 8:11PM

She won’t have to take anti-rejection drugs forever. She’ll have the uterus removed when it’s done so she doesn’t have to take the drugs. It was in an earlier article, the uterus isn’t supposed to last terribly long, just long enough to have a baby or two, then they take it out. Read more

3/07/16 7:48PM

I have been pregnant and given birth and yes, I think most would argue the end product is the most important thing. Read more

3/07/16 7:32PM

If she’s not already then she’s being groomed. It’s not a comfortable truth, but that shouldn’t stop us from facing it. In America, we’re basically turning a blind eye to these monstrous pedophiles and rapists because ‘religion’. The same people who bitch about how bad women have it in third-world countries are Read more

3/06/16 2:52PM

Well, at least he can always turn to his faith for comfort in times of- oh wait

3/06/16 2:37PM

Wow. You just found the perfect balance with this comment. It’s not exactly mean and callous, but it isn’t overly-fawning either. Well done.

3/06/16 12:18PM

Boom, done. Because the Dolly original is perfection. I like the version she did with Vince Gill as well.

3/06/16 12:15PM

Either way, it doesn’t sound that impressive. I love Beyonce but her voice doesn’t have the warmth that Dolly or Whitney have to make the song work.

3/05/16 1:06PM

Oh. I didn’t realize that dramatizing a questionable relationship in a work of fiction was illegal. Thank for clearing that up.