Mar 25

Yeah, Boneworks had a really interesting implementation but it was’t especially... fun. Immersive when it worked, sure, but that’s only half the equation. I just stopped using melee weapons altogether after a certain point because they kept getting stuck on the back of my head or the physics engine would decide that I Read more

Feb 21

I have serious doubts this will (legally) come west, but hope that it does. It was always a bummer that the Jinchu arc was never animated, to see it be brought back in live-action is really something (especially since the other movies were so good)

Dec 16 2019

A plain red shirt is admittedly also much easier to animate than one with a distinct pattern like that on it.

Dec 6 2019

My first princess became a homemaker. I am a failure as a royal guiding figure.

Oct 30 2019

Oh dang, now you made me actually want to watch the trailer!

Oct 10 2019

I think that new model is called the Decapitator, with a hood line like that you want to avoid frontal collisions.

Sep 30 2019

List time:
DC has great villains!
Marvel has great heroes!
DC has lots of one dimentional heroes...
Marvel has lots of one dimensional villains...
Marvel makes great movies!
DC is starting to make great movies!
DC also makes terrible movies...
DC makes the best damn animated TV series!
Marvel makes... okay animated TV series Read more