5/19/20 4:28PM

Always two there should be, a big ‘ole nerd and a talented director. The best thing about Empire Strikes Back is Ivrin Kershner. He had the directoral chops to make emotions feel right and dialogue sound natural. My problem with the next few Star Wars films after it was terrible directing. Read more

4/08/20 6:53PM

As someone with children, I’ve had to disassemble the PS4 controller a few times (baby throw up, food, just weird things). The build is actually pretty straight forward, changing the battery out isn’t a huge deal if you had to do it, but the battery is still fine. My PS3 batteries are still fine. Rechargeable Read more

3/25/20 6:47PM

I thought the same thing for a second, but they do kind of make a point. My arms got stuck in EVERYTHING in that game that doesn’t exist. I never put my melee weapons down. But it does kind of ruin immersion when your hand/weapon/body are flipping out.

2/24/20 11:15AM

That’s weird, because Renegade in ME was better than most “evil” options. Everyone still thought you were making the right decisions. Even by ME3, I still went with merging with the Reapers because it morally made sense with all the decisions I had made up to that point, namely with EDI and Legion. I was not down with Read more