Feb 22 2020

Anybody should make any art that they want to make.

Feb 21 2020

There are different divisions for U18 and over-18 because there are biological differences between children and fully-grown adults, too.
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Jan 31 2020

i hope it does something more interesting than what the trailer suggested. i’ve already seen hard candy.

Jan 31 2020

“I’m still mad that Popstar flopped.”

I’m less mad that it flopped than I am disappointed that it wasn’t a better movie.

Jan 31 2020

Thanks for making it clear to us you are a racist hate monger.

Jan 31 2020

She is spewing hate, that’s it, that is all she’s doing. Any redeeming qualities she might have are drowned out by the vile nature of her beliefs.

Jan 24 2020

Come on, the story is awesome. The anime had pacing issues, but tha manga still told an awesome and exciting story. Don’t criticize the story, there’s a reason why people around the whole frickin’ world loves it. 

Jan 11 2020

I mean, the “economy” meal was over $200 and they paid $50 for water, so I can’t blame them for thinking anything they were served would be a little on the elaborate side. Read more

Jan 7 2020

What he found is that “about one in five trials” saw participants, even when given lots of time to study an image, unable to discern whether they were looking at fake or authentic faces. Read more

Jan 3 2020

Bragging about deliberately creating entertainment that you don’t have to pay attention to is fucking depressing. And I’m a big fan of those movies, too. I mean... just... why would you say this to the press? It’s like when Michael Bay bragged about making movies that could be watched untranslated by Chinese Read more

Jan 3 2020

The story of American culture in this century is basically dumb but cunning people taking massive advantage of the dumb and not so cunning, which is most of the rest of us.

Dec 24 2019

Or start with Palpatine walking out of some kind of cloning tank thing, then the image freezes, you hear a record scratch, and his voiceover saying, “Yep, that’s me. I bet you’re wondering how I got here...”

Dec 23 2019

Part of me wants you to experience theft from someone who didn’t have enough gumption to go out and search for honest work.

Dec 23 2019

JJ Abrams would never create polio! He would create a disease that reminded you a lot of polio, was nowhere near as terrifying as polio, but it would not be a polio ripoff. It would be a loving polio homage, because he respects polio so much.

Dec 23 2019

When I saw that scene, my literal thought was “if we find out that they’re related because they’re both black I am burning down this theater.”